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These are the magic years…and therefore magic days…and therefore magic moments.-unknown

At last I can blog about some quilts I made recently,and the story of their making. My daughter’s birthday was August 4. Her 25th! A big one (I was 7 when I had her, just sayin). I planned to make a purple version of this quilt.

RedWhite Scrap_20120127_010-1

This quilt is in Quilt Almanac 2013. I had named the quilt after my youngest daughter “Mary Elizabeth” Quilt Almanac saw it in a different way and renamed it “Lady in Red”. Ok, so the child it was named after deserved her quilt, right?? So I set about making a much larger Queen sized version for her bed and I decided it would be her 25th birthday gift. While making the quilt and the 140 5.75″ log cabin blogs, I got a phone call. “Mom I know what I want for my birthday. At this moment in time I thought “Well it better be a big purple log cabin quilt!” She proceeds to tell me “I want a tee-shirt quilt with my favorite sorority shirts.” After I picked myself up off the floor and reached for the ZANAX. I hung up the phone.

MB birthday quilt 1

Seriously? seriously, seriously  I my girls being 25 and 30,  I thought had escaped the making of a tee shirt quilt. I decided that she was quilt worthy and the purple was spectacular! Was she two quilts in one birthday worthy? Well you can see how I answered that thought. 

ADPi tee shirt

BTW I was seriously dreading the process of making a tee-shirt quilt! I enjoyed it very much. I must admit it was fun and a change-up for ME! Don’t tell anyone because I whined a bit, a lot, tons, ok I stomped my feet a couple of times and laid on the floor and flopped around. I cannot tell a lie.

I made this label for the back of the quilt with some of the pocket squares and logos. And yes the backing is Chevron. She loves the stuff. I hope she will love it in 40 years! She actually chose the color scheme and border fabric. I told her the quilt could not possibly get made this year. I’m sooo badddd!

Tee Shirt label

When she came home for the weekend we gave her the purple all wrapped up in a gift bag! She was shocked because she did not have any idea I was making it. Then we went about having a fun evening. Then when she went to bed I had the Tee Shirt quilt under the covers and upside down. She found it when she jumped into bed!!!




This fabulous young lady. BTW she is a surgical nurse …so if  you must have Ortho./Neuro surgery..she will take very good care of YOU!

Footnote: The married couple came in from Asheville to celebrate the big birthday. Guess what they want?? Yup they ordered up a couple of tee-shirt quilts. SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS.


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    What? Did I read this post correctly? You made Mary Beth 2….two……one, two….quilts????
    The girl is certainly deserving. Congrats Mom and Mary Beth

  2. 2

    Love, love, love the layout on the t-shirt quilt. Would you please stop setting the bar so high? I’m going to break my leg trying to keep up. The purple is awesome. I am NOT showing this to my granddaughter who loves purple.

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