Tuesday Already!

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Is it Tuesday already? I am already behind. The list, as always is long then we have holidays to compound the issue. It is time to FIRE UP THE ENGINE and get goinging at warp speed. Before I leave my computer to head to the sewing room (big smile on my face for the sewing room!) I want to show you some photos of Thimbles Club this weekend. Amazing quilters gather again with some spectacular Show and Tell! Lookie!


Barb L. and her perfectly matched stripes and plaid with every corner MITERED. She sewed these blocks to perfection. Linda B. just check this out. I mean seriously? Another example of some pinpoint sewing. 

photo (6)

Are you tired yet? Up to bat we have Linda K. Her Strata Star for Christmas. I was watching her put this together. She said it wasn’t to difficult, but she had a good bit of matching angles and stuff. Linda was up to the challenge. I tried to get her to give it to me. No luck! Guess I’ll have to make one myself.

Linda's Strata

And now we have this beauty that is driving me crazy. Marty has the center of the quilt finished. Now she is working on the HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE applique borders. This is bucket list quilt for me. I adore it and I especially adore the fabrics that Marty is using! sigh…faint…heart racing.

Sprigs Marty

Emily and Russ were in Atlanta for their anniversary. They stayed downtown but came out to the house for a little while before going home.  A friend of theirs made a miniture wedding cake in the style of their wedding cake. We all got to visit over Sunday dinner and remember a wonderful wedding day.


The back side of the original cake. That cake is a pound cake…27 pounds of butter was used in the making and was it good! Sounthern Style!

Anniversary Cake

Lookie the cutest little reproduction. Pound cake on the bottom, raspberry and lemon fillings on the top. Yummo!

Sweet memories and they lived happily ever after!

TIME TO SEW! Don’t worry about me.

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