A Message from Raquelle!

 I believe in angels the kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels Icall them my friends.

The above quote is for you Kathy!

It’s my day…I get to talk about Kathy Brown and her newest book STRIP SMART IIOH HAPPY HAPPY DAY! I think you would agree this has been a super fun book review blog hop. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of quilters.

Strip SmartWhat can I say that has not already been said? I am choosing to put a personal spin on things.

First we had Carrie in addition to writing a great review making all of the quilters in the world want a copy of STRIP SMART II she gave each member of the book review team a new name. A stripper name (GET IT? Strip Smart the book!). My mother would be so proud. My name is Raquelle Nightheat. I love my stripper name so much I’m having it monogrammed onto my Christmas stocking. Thanks Carrie!

Carrie(and your little dog Rosie too!) 

Barb and MaryOn Tuesday Barb and Mary (Me and My Sister Designs fame!) gave us another amazing review complete with great photos of the ruler Kathy uses to create the fabulous designs in her book. STRIP SMART II. Barb and Mary are my best friends. We spend as much time together as we possibly can. I can’t wait to see what they got me for Christmas!!!  Ok…I cannot tell a lie. I adore Barb and Mary their designs and fabric but we have never met. Hopefully that situation will be corrected in the near future. They are the cutest people and I know they will love me! (it is all about ME right?)

Pat SloanAs if Kathy had not gathered enough fabulous designers…we  hear from Pat Sloan. Who in the heck can dispute that Pat Sloan is a major mover and shaker in the quilt industry. Who doesn’t know Pat Sloan?  She gave a wonderful review of Kathy’s book STRIP SMART II and had the best cropped photos in her review! She does things with such class. Does the woman sleep? If Pat Sloan loves this book then we all gotta have it. Pat is named after me of course. We are sisters separated at birth, I’m sure of it. just sayin

Pam Kitty MorningHere comes Pam Vierra-McGinnis aka Miss Pam Kitty Morning. Another of the funnest people who ever was FUN. So happy all the time. Whatta review. She is making a quilt from the book too! She told us that she made a quilt from Kathy’s first Strip Smart book. I think she is Kathy’s best friend. I am pretty sure I am Kathy’s bestie!I love you too Pam will you come and visit me soon we can invite our Kathy to come?


FINALLY FRIDAY..IT IS MY TURN TO REVIEW Strip Smart II.I began this blog post BY ASKING the question “What can I say that has not already been said???”  You have seen the projects in the book ,learned how the ruler works AND  heard all the great stuff from  the other reviewers. I chose to talk about the above designers..fabulous one and all and now let me tell you about my BESTEST FRIEND Kathy!

She writes a little story about each of the quilts in the book. Kinda makes each quilt be “personalized” and “special”. So I will do the same about HER, cuz I’m her favorite right?

Kathy BrownSee that smile. It is contagious and she walks around with the darn thing on her face ALL DAY LONG…AND ALL NIGHT TOO. Ask me how I know this. She spent 3 1/2 days at my house so I’m an expert. She is a genuinely nice person, this alone should make you love her book.STRIP SMART II

Gaga ruler Then there is this! What in the heck kinda measuring device is this? Only Kathy would look at this and say “Hey, I will write 2 block buster books and every quilt in both books will use this ruler”. My best friend Kathy is like that! When I first saw it I said, “Is this some sort of quilters undergarment?” A new form of bra support. I like to refer to this as the LADY GAGA RULER! If you look at it with an open mind you will understand why I call it that!  Seriously people, who dreams up this stuff?  Go back and read all the blogs about this ruler thingy and you will be running to the store to get one AND get STRIP SMART II because you are going to want it once you have the GA GA ruler. This will also give you another chance to comment on all my friends blogs and win some cool stuff.  Would I lie to  you? 

I have to tell you a most interesting fact about Kathy! She does not wear proper shoes. She wears flip-flops and sandals YEAR ROUND. Yes she does. When she comes to see you she will have on sandals. It is a foot thing, she is so cute standing there in the snow with that smile as mentioned above and her beloved sandals! I am taking up a collection for her to visit the foot doctor to get a lecture (but don’t tell her).

The best part about Kathy, beside the fact that she has this new book out called STRIP SMART II

is the depth of her kindness and the size of her heart. This woman (who is my best friend) loves her husband and daughter and has such a friendly warm and loving sprirt. Her happy joyful spirit is contagious.  She is completely wonderful. Let’s ALL wish her great success with STRIP SMART II RUN don’t walk to your nearest quilt shop and purchase STRIP SMART II. You won’t be sorry. Would I lie to you?

Let’s talk about goodies. These prizes are DOOZIES!  Put a comment right here on this post and I will draw a winner on December 9th. You have a chance to win a grand prize from Kathy. She is giving away 5 sets of the following… A BOOK! A RULER (GAGA) AND SOME FABRIC TO START MAKING A QUILT FROM KATHY’S BOOK 

STRIP SMART II. Start commenting and tell me ABOUT YOU.


Raquelle Nightheat

(Kathy’s best friend)








  1. 1

    Hello from MI and I am a happy quilting by night, nightingale by day quilter. This was the best hop ever btw and I have sent the link to my friend (Sugar Sweethooter) telling her come on over to the hop and get brainwashed… we need this book and crazy looking ruler thing! Happy Holidays to you – Montana Silverwhip -Whoa this is the best quilter name ever! thanks for the fun!

  2. 2
    Chris Gant says

    Nice review Pat! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful visit!!

  3. 3

    The book Strip Smart II looks like a book that I could use to decrease my stash. Also, the GA GA ruler looks intriguing. Thanks for a chance to win.

  4. 4
    Lonormi Manuel says

    Awesome giveaway! (Supercool stripper name, too!)

  5. 5
    Lisa Haines says

    I love the spin you put on the review…about Kathy. Enjoyed reading it. And I liked your humor too, nice post. Now I want to try that nice ruler!

  6. 6

    I love that she wear’s flip flops and sandlas year around! Wish i had the guts to do it. I get cold when it’s below 75 ( it was 5 here last night). I enjoyed the blog hop looks like a must have book and ruler. Keep my fingers crossed for christmas.

  7. 7

    So delighted to meet you Raquelle! I am amazed at all the friends you have procured during this blog hop. You only know the BEST! Thanks for sharing in the fun. The book looks great! I have Kathy’s first book, so I know this one will be even better!

  8. 8
    Joyce Bushnell says

    Stripper names, sandals in the snow, Lady GAGA…….hmmm, my husband is really starting to be concerned with this quilting stuff!

  9. 9
    Brenda Schonig says

    I love this ruler and the book. It would be such a handy tool to have for my next project (in January) The First Ladies quilt. I love the stripper names too. It has been a great blog hop. My mind is full of ideas now.

  10. 10

    This has been a great week of reviews. The book sounds great and the ruler most definitely looks like one I should own. I love working with strips.

  11. 11

    A very entertaining post — thanks for the chuckle! I would love to give this book and crazy-looking ruler a try! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. 12

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the blogs this week! My new stripper name Sugar Leatherwhip is replacing my old one Trixie Green! Lol From what I’ve seen the book and Ga Ga ruler is going to be a great way to help me get rid of some of my ever growing stash!

  13. 13
    Liset Noorduyn says

    I am crazy about this crazy ruler,! Fun blog you write… Nice meeting you! Whenever you come to Holland (NL) you are very welcome to my humble home!
    Take care and best wishes!

  14. 14

    Well Racquelle, I DO like your stripper name! Thanks for the laughs while reading this post. When I get my ruler it will forever be known as Gaga!

  15. 15

    I met Kathy at the Houston Quilt Festival, and she is very nice! I love her “GAGA” ruler and her quilts, too.

  16. 16

    Heidi Glitterthong here. Not sure if I’ll be putting my name on my labels. Anyway, love your post and love the chance to win the ruler and book. Would like to try these quilts. Thanks!

  17. 17

    Your review puts a smile on my face, just like Kathy’s! And as for sandals and flip flops, I agree with Kathy!!! I love reading every post that you write. Keep it up!

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I would love to come. I will start diving south east with my sewing machine and pick up Kathy along the way.

  20. 21

    You made me smile!!
    The weather is so cold today I can’t imagine wearing flip flops though they are my footwear of choice in the summer!!!

  21. 22

    The multi-cutting ruler is such a great idea – have done some quilts with a single triangle ruler. So many great patterns in the book!

  22. 23
    Angelia L. says

    Hello Racquelle, this has been such a fun hop and your post makes me giggle! I love the Lady GaGa name….I was thinking Madonna and her crazy bras but I guess that kinda dates me. I just told my husband my stripper name and showed him the Lady GaGa ruler. Here is his response….”Now wait a minute..what kind of websites are you on…I thought you were on quilting websites.” My son totally agrees with the flip flops all year round…I don’t know how he is going to make it through the police academy wearing regular shoes. The Lady GaGa ruler and book look amazing! Thank you for sharing and the giggles!

  23. 24

    First, I have to say that I just adore your Stripper Name. 😉

    I have been following this hop and really hoping to win this ruler. So here’s hoping for a Christmas “Miracle bra”. LOL

  24. 25
    Janice Mc Laren says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to win, because I’m obsessed with everything quilting.

  25. 26
    dianna eickhorn says

    Chesty Lustytower here 🙂 from Texas y’all. this ruler and book look sooooooo good I can’t help myself….I have to enter all book blog entries this week. What great reviews! And, what a fun way to spread the word about a great new quilting product. I feel so “in the new” makes me want to add the ‘new’ Chesty Lustytower quilter from Texas y’all!

  26. 27

    I am drooling over that book and ruler! I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. 28

    I am drooling over that ruler and book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  28. 29
    Glenda in Florida says

    I was late to Carrie’s party, and as I recall, my name wasn’t anything worth remembering. But, I’ve hit four of the parties now. I love to make quilts that are fast and easy, but look more complicated–these patterns are just my type!

  29. 30

    tell you about me!? I don’t have any interesting qwirks like wearing sandals year round. I’m a mom of two little guys working full time and searching for time to quilt! This book looks fantastic, thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  30. 31

    I’d love to add this prize to my quilting arsenal.

  31. 32

    Great review! I love your enthusiasm and unique voice. I’m a writing teacher and I wish some of my students could write like you do. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway and thanks for your delightful blog! I’m so glad I discovered it. All the whimsical eye candy just makes me smile 🙂

  32. 33
    Kelly Willaims says

    I am a beginning quilter. I do more collecting of fabric and reading of blogs than quilting. I have started a couple of small quilts. I need to get over that fear of cutting into that beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. 34

    If the book is as good as your blog post, it is a winner! I am a quilter who tends to have more starts than finishes! Now there’s a topic to write a book about!!

  34. 35
    Margaret Schindler says

    A woman after my own heart Flip flops are my choice of shoes Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. 36

    What a fun hop this has been. Thanks for telling us more about the lady behind this book. We already know she comes up with great quilt designs! I have lots of rulers in my sewing room but none that resemble undergarments! And I have to take my shoes off to sew at my machine.

  36. 37

    Obviously I love to quilt otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but I also love to knit and to take photos. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. 38

    Hi – I’m from northern Wisconsin where it is already only 2 degrees & will be -20 with the wind chill tonite. Good reason to stay in and sew. I’m an average quilter with a big stash & not enuf time to use it all up! This has been a fun blog hop. Have a great weekend.

  38. 39

    These have all been fun posts to read, yours included…great sense of humor. The book looks really neat. I have mainly done hand appliqué but am teaching myself piecing.

  39. 40

    I’ve been sewing and quilting for over 50 years. I find it relaxing. I love tools and rulers and anything to make quilting more fun. Hey, I started with scissors and cereal box cardboard.

  40. 41

    I’ve got my fingers crossed I win one of these prizes. Great giveaway and I’d love it! I also have to take my shoes off to sew. I’m always careful if I drop a pin.

  41. 42

    Hi PAt- Humorous review and night heat for a last name, hummm. makes me wonder!
    Anyhow, I too love my sandals or I should really call them what the are- Flip Flops! I run hot and if my feet are cool than I stay cool. Would you celieve I sleep with one foot on top of the blankets too!
    I know, way TMI. WOuld love to win this terrific giveaway to sample that taa taa ruler myself.
    giggles and smiles –

  42. 43
    DebrafromMD says

    I love the designs that I have seen from this book, and I am a fool for specialty rulers. I love to be barefoot in Summer, but I need wool socks (hand knitted, of course) and closed shoes to make it through the Winter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. 44

    You made me smile with your post! I have enjoyed reading all of the blogs this week and I love your stripper name. I’m a “young” grandmother who loves to try new gadgets and techniques in quilting. I will be putting Kathy’s book and the GAGA ruler on my Christmas list, they look great.

  44. 45
    April Carter says

    Hello, from ice-bound Arkansas! This is unusual for us. But I had a day off from work (I’m a teacher at a Montessori school), and got some quilting done. This has been a great blog hop, and I LOVE the quilt background on your blog! Thank you for hosting! Like Kathy, my brother wears flip-flops all the time. He’s going to grad school in Ireland, and he’s called our mother for company while walking home in the snow in Limerick wearing flip flops!

  45. 46

    What a nice review. I had to laugh about her choice of shoes. My future DIL wears nothing but flip flops. I do not know how she’s still got all her toes considering we live in Northern IL where the temps in the winter can get to a negative 20 degrees and some winters the wind chill has hit over 30 below zero. Thankfully those aren’t too common although we generally have at least a few days each winter like that. HOW she’s never gotten frostbite I have no idea.

    Anyway, I really like the ruler with the extra spot so your rotary cutter can get all the way to the edge of the fabrics.

    Thank you for such a wonderful review.

  46. 47
    Karen Shackleford says

    Great post, Raquelle – uh, Pat. And what fun to now see this as the Lady GaGa ruler! Think I gotta have one. Now the quilt named Flip Flop makes sense too! Think I’ll be heading out soon to buy Lady GaGa!

  47. 48

    Haha, Love your new name. All of you ladies are wonderful designers and I am so happy that you share all your ideas on the internet, thanks for the giveaway.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  48. 49

    Great cute review. It would be so fun to try this ruler and all the fab patterns in Strip Smart II – hope Santa is listening.

  49. 50

    Love all of the quilts shown from the book and the new ruler. Who doesn’t like a ruler that helps make a project easier and more accurate? Thanks for a chance to win.

  50. 51

    Hi! I’m a fluffy, fifty-something, fly by the seat of my pants quilter. I’ve been quilting for about 21 years, sucked in by PBS and Eleanor Burns who made me think I could do this :-). I’d love to try the new ruler along with the book and fabrics, so toss me into the pool for the giveaway. Thanks so much for hosting it.

  51. 52

    Very strange ruler, but all of you reviewers can’t be wrong. There must be something to it. I’m interested in trying it out with one or mor of the patterns in the book.

  52. 53
    Lori Morton says

    Howdy from snowy Ohio!!! Is cold tonight…24 out now. Brrrr!!! Drinkin cuppa hot chocolate while I peruse your Blog…and shop!! Very nice…love it…signed up to follow thru Bloglovin too!! 🙂

    Am a pretty new to quilty stuff….learning long distance with my daughter…she lives in NC. We pick a pattern..we each make one, in what reminds us of the other person… and when we get together…we Trade them!!! We are on our Fourth project now…will exchange at Christmas! Grrrreat fun! 🙂

  53. 54

    I love making quilts that are easy and look like they are complicated to make. This book and ruler is right up my alley. Thank you for the chance to win. I still watch the few sewing/quilting shows that are on PBS.

  54. 55

    Hello from the state of Missouri! I’m a quilter that began quilting back in the dark ages of BRC. You know, Before Rotary Cutters! I love hops and am so glad I found you thru this one that I just had to begin following your blog via Bloglovin. Looking forward to sharing your blogging adventures.

  55. 56
    Lucine Lane says

    I have been reading about this book and ruler on other websites and would love to have them both. I love the look of the quilts in this book.

  56. 57
    Lucine Lane says

    I have been looking at Strip Smart Quilts II and would love to quilt from it. Hope to win it and the ruler.

  57. 58
    Paige Gonzalez says

    I am writing you from a very cool Southern California location! I am 51 and have been married to my husband since I was 18, child bride! 🙂 I love to sew, crochet, read and sometime clean house. I just started my first quilt, a baby quilt. It is all cut out and awaiting assembly on the kitchen table! I hope the first one is a great experience as I have accumulated quite a stash in the past few months. I’d love to win the ruler and book to help me along my way! 🙂

  58. 59

    Oh I think I need this ruler, so please pick my name out of the hat, the lady’s undergarment, or wherever else you put all our names. There, that probably tells you all you need to know about me, i.e. I’m as daft as a brush!

  59. 60

    I’m a mom to 2 kidlets here in upstate NY and quilter when I get time. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. 61

    I have this love affair with stripping – OOPS. let me rephrase that – I love strip quilting! And I have loved everything about this book and this past week of postings. Thank you so much for the fun, great ideas and insight into another fantastic quilter/teacher/author. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  61. 62

    Hi there,
    I’m Kathy and I am originally from NY but have been living in Arizona for quite a while. But once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker. You get the idea… I have been a Nurse for 39 years and just retired a week ago. Hip, hip, hooray…
    I started quilting a year ago and of course I love it. I have bee bitten… I enjoy following the blogs. I also am in Miss Rosie’s Club this year. She is keeping me busy.
    This book looks great. Wish me luck…

  62. 63

    Oh my gosh I am such a sucker for a good story to go along with a quilt! Now I really want this book … and will tell my friends about it too! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s reviews. Stripper name -LOL!! mine was “Starr DixonShock” which my husband laughed out loud at!!
    I like to sew,quilt, embroider etc. but my full-time job as a nurse seriously messes with my creative time. Quilting keeps me sane. I am sooo stealing that quote for my friends this Christmas.Thanks

  63. 64

    I’m a dad who quilts. Anything to speed the process and make the quilts quicker help me to meet my goal of helping to make 100 comfort lap quilts for hospice patients per year.

    Strip piecing is great, with a great ruler and great patterns to make the quilts fly through the sewing machine.

  64. 65

    This has been the funniest blog-hop!! Love the name for the ruler! Never forget that! Thanks for a great giveaway, could really make a dent in my scraps with this. Sue, AKA Candy Velvet Hooter.

  65. 66

    I have just got into following blogs. It really makes the day go more pleasantly. I like the Ga Ga ruler and would like to try it with the quilt patterns in the Strippers book. I’m trying to come up with a stripper name to put on these Quilt’s lables.

  66. 67

    LADY GAGA RULER! Now that’s the best thing I’ve heard and I’m sitting here with the biggest smile on my face! Honest, that is the craziest looking ruler. The quilts I’ve seen on this hop are amazing and so the LADY GAGA RULER! is a WINNER.

  67. 68
    Jacklynn in WI says

    Hello from chilly Wisconsin! The best part about being a quilter when it’s -2 degrees like this morning – snuggling under the quilts you’ve made! I sew in the morning and work second shift as a nurse. Thanks for the awesome give away!

  68. 69

    Just got back from a brief foray into the Christmas shopping world. Too much traffic and way to hot here (82) to get in the mood, so I am back home to sew.

  69. 70

    I just HAVE to have this book and ruler. I bought the 1st book, not knowing it needed a special ruler, couldn’t find the ruler, so I just look at and drool over the book! I think my husband thinks I’m stashing a playgirl magazine in the book, but he’s afraid to look! (do they even make playgirl magazine anymore?) Seriously, I would really love to win this, thanks for the chance.

  70. 71

    Great post, Goofy looking ruler but would love to try it out. Always look forward to reading this blog.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. 72

    Awesome post… You have a way with words!!! I am really hoping to win… The book looks great and the projects are lovely too! Thanks for the chance!

  72. 73

    what a great giveaway. thanks for a chance.
    About me! I live in NC which I love very much. I have been quilting since 1999. I am third generation quilter. I also call myself an appliquer. Merry Christmas!

  73. 74

    You have picked up some nice friends in your journeys! How wonderful for you. Yes, I would love to win this set. The possibilities would be endless! Either way Merry christmas!

  74. 75
    barbara corbitt says

    i read you quote and started crying like a baby. im sorry and i dont mean to be sad especially this time of year. but it struck a chord with me. i had only one child, my daughter. she was the sweetest and most giving person i knew. i was always so proud of her and what she accomplished during her short life. she passed away in my arms from a blood clot to her lungs. so she is my angel smiling down at me and telling me not to give up. thank you for such a great giveaway. everyone thinks im crazy because i go barefoot in the snow. [email protected]

  75. 76

    Hi Raquelle! Tee hee. I’m from Arizona and Pat Sloan sat next to me one evening at our guild meeting where she was waiting to give her lecture. I’m sure we’re besties now. I’m working on binding a small quilt. I have plenty more quilts to finish. It’s been fun visiting the blogs and meeting some new (to me) quilter/bloggers.

  76. 77

    Hi, Pat!!
    Umm, I mean, hi, Raquelle (Kathy’s best friend) Nightheat!!
    Raquelle (Pat’s best friend) Sweetiepie here!!
    Just dropping by the “strip club” to check on my bestie!
    So, howyadoin??!

    LOL!!!! Pat, you are a hoot!!! Your posts and this party have been a riot!! I will never again be able to look at that awesome ruler without smiling, and remembering you renaming it the Lady GaGa Ruler!!!!
    …And personalizing our great designers!!… Will I always think of your BFF Kathy’s feet when I make/look at her Flip Flops quilt??!!
    I’m a lifelong sewer, a never-met-a-textile-art-I-didn’t-love semi-retired teacher, who’s trying to find out just how can I possibly create everything that’s in my mind, struggling to be expressed??!!

    Thanks, Pat, for SO much!!
    Your BFF Pat T. in Michigan (separated at birth??? Just sayin’…)

  77. 78

    There isn’t too much to tell about me. I live in Las Vegas and I’m a wanna be stripper 😉 what better place for strippn’ then Vegas?? Anyway, I have looked at this ruler before and it’s very cool. Would love to win one!

  78. 79

    You are funny! 🙂 I’d love to try out that ruler and win all the other goodies, too! sure sounds like Kathy is a nice lady from all the blog posts about her!

  79. 80

    That is one ‘interesting’ looking ruler!!! I love gadgets and this is one that has to be on my ‘must have’ list…how else can I ‘strip’ without one 😉

  80. 81
    Lovie Ball says

    My real name already sounds like a stripper [what were my parents thinking?] Freezing here in Oklahoma, but loving the unscheduled time off work. Its quilting time, playing with fabric, and trying to select which pattern I want to do next. Wonderful giveaway, I am going to keep my fingers crossed, unless I have to hand-piece.

  81. 82

    Here’s another book I must have – and a ruler too.

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