Celebrate Christmas Blog Hop!



Today is my day to celebrate Christmas with Martingale’s newest release Celebrate Christmas. When I tell you that I get a bit over the moon during the holidays take me very seriously. Ask my friends. I can hardly wait to begin some new additions to my holiday home decor with this new book. The problem is….I am trying to pick a favorite. Maybe by the time I finish writing this blog post I will have chosen my first project to make.

This book is a compliation of projects from  Martingale friends. (they are my friends but I will share them with you) Can you imagine what it would be like to go to work everyday with people who know everything there is to know about publishing and they are QUILTERS, AND KNITTERS,RUG HOOKERS, & SEWISTS, too! How in the world do they get anything done??? 22 projects…seriously 22??? ALL IN ONE BOOK…dang!!!!

Let’s talk about the technical and esthetic stuff. First of all, as with all things Martigale, the book is just well done! I would not lie to you.  Illustrations in color, great photography, templates right there with each project so we don’t have to wear ourselves out flipping around looking for them (save our strength for the sewing part), embroidery stitch diagrams and so much more! The book is a joy to sit and look through and plan plan plan. You might want to get a mug of hot chocolate to futher enhance the planning process. JOY TO THE HOT CHOCOLATE  bring on the cookies!

Time for the awards ceremony..que the music….

In the category of STINKIN CUTE  we have:

These snowmen..They just crack me up. So cute. I would love to make them and put them on the bannisters of my stairs. I can’t stop smiling.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Then we have this apron. My girls would enjoy this so much. They are Christmas crazy! (So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.)

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

New category:WOWZER!! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? (I am a designer after all).

This Ode to the Grinch blows my skirt up. My dear friend Leisa has an entire Grinch tree. I’m always looking for gifts for her. Maybe I’ll make this for her. (Ok I’ll buy the book and put it under the tree, works for me.)

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Polka Dots! I dream in polka dots. This would be so much fun to make and embellish, yes sirreeee. STinkin Cute!

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

This is the best idea! I like them all but I particularly like the embroidery one.What a great idea. Classy too. Why didn’t I think of that???

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

And now for the final category 1-800-GOTTAHAVEIT!

I love mantle scarves. This one is so different! I need, and want it real bad! I think this could also work on the shelf in my office. Oh the possibilities!

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

These pillows are pillow perfection. She had me at silk dupioni! I am a fabric mixer. I adore wool, silk, cotton, linen and when you combine it all and add words, I’M DONE ,OVER THE MOON.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Oh MY!!! now we have neutral stockings. You are talkin my language here. Be still my neutral loving heart.Wool knited sweaters too? sigh.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

So now do you see my problem? I just can’t choose a favorite. I think I will read all the blog hop reviews and then decide. I’m not going to miss a minute of this blog hop. How about you?? The schedule and links are below for you to stay in touch.

Let’s talk GIVE AWAY! The comment section of this blog post is open for business for 1 week. That would be until Thursday July 3rd. Tell me your favorite family holiday tradition. I will draw a winner on Friday morning while I’m drinking my morning coffee and then annouce the winner. (drinking coffee…it is a process).  The winner will receive an e-book copy of Celebrate Christmas. Plus I will sweeten the deal with a Christmas surprise of my own. An e-book copy of my book Knockout Neutrals! Ok go on now, comment away I will be reading every single one!

Thursday, June 26: Stitch This! (that’s us!)
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Monday, June 30: Rebecca Silbaugh at Ruby Blue Quilts
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  1. 1
    Cher Merriman says

    I absolutely love Christmas and would love to have this book for new projects.
    I also love your Knockout Neutrals! Thanks Pat for this opportunity.

  2. 2
    Teresa Hansen says

    Christmas is celebrating the Lord’s birth by attending church and then gathering with family for a meal and opening gifts.

  3. 3
    Cindy Dahlgren says

    I love Christmas and decorating with handmade decorations. One of our family traditions is that on Christmas morning, my husband makes homemade Caramel Rolls that are to die for. A close second, my son has a December birthday, and every year I make him a handmade Santa for his Santa collection. His favorites are the ceramic Santa’s of different eras.Unfortunately, we no longer have a ceramic store, so I can no longer make those. I am always on the lookout for Santa ideas for him.

  4. 4

    There are the cookies and candy we make but really it’s Christmas Eve midnight service followed by breakfast and lots of laughter and fun.

  5. 5

    My favourite is when the whole family get together for a Chinese takeaway meal on Christmas Eve. It’s fun and noisy and involves very little work on my part to prepare for it!

  6. 6

    Celebrate Christmas looks like a book I could fall in love with fast. The snowmen stockings are adorable! Christmas would be the hands down favorite family holiday for my gang; although I personally am quite fond of Halloween. Happy stitching.

  7. 7

    I love the stockings… and those pillows! What a great book – thanks for the review and giveaway. My favorite tradition is coffee and popcorn one evening the week of Christmas and we going out viewing all the pretty lights! Easy and fun! thanks!

  8. 8

    every Christmas we just HAVE to watch the Griswalds on their holiday vacation….never ever grow tired of it….it’s a family tradition! I do love those pillows and all the yummies in the book….definitely one on my ‘to get’ list! :o)

  9. 9
    Betty Woodlee says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with extended family for a holiday meal. So much fun to see the great and great great nieces and nephews.

  10. 10

    I live in Singapore. We are a multi-racial society so we celebrate many different festivals. As followers of Christ, it is a must that our family attends church together on Christmas day to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We usually have a family dinner on Christmas eve where I would roast a turkey for the family. Christmas is definitely a time for family.
    God Bless

  11. 11
    Chris Gant says

    Our first Christmas tradition is the Christmas Mouse. He sat way up high and watched all the kiddos to make sure we behaved. Why??? Because he had Santa’s ear. If we were bad, Santa would find out from the mouse…nowbi know why I don’t like mice!
    But, now that I’m just a bit older, I’m into snowmen. I love those snowman stockings…kinda looks like me when I wake up!!!

  12. 12

    You are soooo right: it’s really hard to choose a favorite. As I scroll up and down (and up and down again and again, etc.) I keep going back to the polka-dot tree skirt. It’s fun, fresh and flirty just like one of my favorite outfits: a white circle-skirt dress with navy blue polka dots and a pair of blue-and-white spectator pumps. I nearly wore that thing slap out! I have always loved polka dots, too! As for my favorite family holiday tradition: it has to be a big ole breakfast spread on Christmas Eve. My Mom was one smart cookie: it made for a much simpler Christmas morning when there was no big breakfast to prepare. We usually just had orange juice and leftover homemade cinnamon buns for Christmas breakfast.

  13. 13
    Allison Evrard says

    Every year we buy one and only one special ornament for our tree. Often it is purchased when we are on vacation. So when we decorate the tree we talk about where we’ve been.

  14. 14
    Joyce Mitchell says

    Long before the movie A Christmas Story came out, my mom would make a feast of Chinese food for Christmas dinner. It was the best Christmas tradition ever. Thanks.

  15. 15
    Deb Weaver Proper says

    What a fun time Christmas is and this book would be so nice !! Love your blog-made me laugh ! Thanks for the opportunity to win !!

  16. 16

    My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve preparing gift baskets (or platters, or casserole dishes, or large gold bowls) of nuts and fruits and then delivering them to the entire neighborhood. This always delays dinner and other Christmas Eve activities.

  17. 17
    Louise Shaw says

    My favorite holiday tradition is that i make a tree ornament each year for the grandkids… one year it was counted cross-stitch, another snowflakes, this past year was santa hats… I’m not sure what it will be this year, but i’d better get serious about it… with 9 grandchildren, it will take a little time to complete… Thank you for the opportunity to try to win the book….

  18. 18

    Christmas eve dinner with the whole family. Decorating the christmas tree with all of the old fashined ornaments. The Christmas season is my favorite, a season of giving. I love it.

  19. 19

    On Christmas Eve, my whole family gets together and we have a pot luck dinner and open gifts. When the party is over, the families that have small children go home to prepare for Santa. Then the rest of us get to have a quieter visit, without all of the excitement that the kids create. Thanks!

  20. 20
    Karrie Smith says

    I celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents and daughter. Usually the “kids” opened a present on Christmas Eve and the rest in the morning. We usually had cocoa at that time and played a bit before we went to bed. I actually used to get up almost every hour to “catch” Santa. My Mom kept it going until I was in the 6th grade and made her tell me. My sister was in the 4th, but kids are mean and were teasing us for believing. But I think she waited until Easter to tell us the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. Then that’s how we got her to crack about Santa! haha. Then getting up early to open presents. It’s nice to go slow and watch everybody open them, instead of tear into them! Then we have breakfast-sometimes biscuits and gravy, sometimes just eggs. Then honestly, most of us fall back to sleep for a few hours or play with our new toys. Then my daughter goes over her Dads around noon and we eat “dinner” around 3. It’s usually a ham. My younger sister’s bday is today. (june 27). She would have been 33. Four years ago in August, she passed from cervical cancer. So, of course it’s weird and sad without her, but the routine is pretty much the same. Usually on Christmas we would spend the day laughing between somebody napping 🙂 Her fiance, Frank, usually came with her. So now we try to visit someone in the evening, like my Aunt or Grandma. But it’s still a good day 🙂 I LOVE your website! It’s SO PRETTY!!!

  21. 21
    Amy Cofer says

    Since my husband is Dutch, we have fun combining holiday traditions- the Dutch St. Nicholas, or Sinterklaas, who travels from Spain on horseback to deliver goodies to good Dutch children who place their wooden shoes, or klompen, on the hearth on the eve of Dec. 5th; and the American tradition of Santa Claus, who travels by sleigh with 8 reindeer, who brings good American children gifts on Christmas eve. Of all my favorite traditions though, is one I learned from his family who, puts their nativity scene around the Christmas tree. That is the one and only thing under the Christmas tree since it is Christ’s birth that is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  22. 22

    My favorite tradition is midnight mass – and of course I will be in the choir singing my little heart out.

  23. 23
    knittingdancer says

    My sister and I like to drive around town to look at all of the Christmas decorations in the different neighbors on Christmas eve. We usually stop and get hot chocolate. We take my dog Joe with us.

  24. 24

    Christmas holidays is all about family. Love, love being able to see them. I never get to see all of them but we do try to visit when we can.

  25. 25

    We love getting together to bake and decorate Christmas cookies for all the extended family.

  26. 26
    Barbara Jenson says

    Christmas is remembering so for me when we put up the tree it brings back all the memories from each ornament; people ,places , events, all those special moments and times in one place. It really is the best time of the year!

  27. 27

    I love Christmas. Our little family tradition is to decorate the house on BLACK friday, no WAY I’m going shopping that day!! -unless it’s online of course 😉
    Also I usually make the kids an advent calendar, lately it’s been a lego set, so I buy a nice lego set in November, while they are in school, I sit down and look at the manual and figure out 24 steps and put the lego pieces in piles like that too, and Yes, rip apart the manual. So each day in December they get a page or two of the manual and legos and won’t know what they are building, until later… and it’s done by Christmas Eve!

  28. 28
    tracie waris says

    I am Christmas crazy. I love to decorate and go way out. My kids think I am obsessed. I have recently started quilting and am excited by all that I see. A tradition we have is called the 25days of RACK(ed). Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. We decide what we want to do and each day go and do it. Examples.. pay for person behind us in DD, pay library fines for 3 people, bring a meal to someone, bake cookies and give away.. We have tried to teach our children that Christmas is about giving and not so much about getting. I do enjoy making gifts for my family and this give away would get me started in a great way!

  29. 29
    Kathy Rankin says

    We have chocolate waffles with ice cream on (like ice cream sandwiches!) for breakfast every Christmas morning.

  30. 30

    Gathering my family together around the dinner table.

  31. 31

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve. I love this service!! We live in Austin, TX area & we don’t see snow (or rain) very often. It ALWAYS snows on Christmas Eve during our church service! I love this part! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Good luck on deciding which project to start first!!

  32. 32
    Jennifer Essad says

    Our traditions are to trim the tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, now we live in Florida and I’m not sure how all this is going to work. I love seeing all of your designs along this blog, thanks for offering us fun along the way.

  33. 33

    My grandsons and I decorate the tree in the basement. That’s where all the presents and action will be when the family comes to our house.

  34. 34

    Christmas is a great time of year. We concentrate on the Nativity and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Always looking for new patterns and holiday gifts.

  35. 35
    Sharon Jones says

    I love Christmas projects. It’s become a tradition to have the grandkids over to help (actually they do it all) decorate the tree and then have hot chocolate.

  36. 36

    I would have a hard time picking which pattern to start first too.
    My favorite Christmas tradition is driving to our NC mountains to pick out our Christmas tree.

  37. 37
    Beth Scott says

    Christmas first of all means church to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Then on to the Christmas Eve gathering of the family. That’s my favorite. Getting smaller and smaller as time goes on, though. but we’ll always have the memories.

    Thanks for the chance to win the great gifts.

  38. 38
    Terri Lester says

    I would love to make each and every one of these patterns!
    My favorite Christmas tradition has always been the whole family getting together for Christmas Mass and then dinner and gift opening. As I’ve gotten older there are more kids and now a grandchild (with another on the way)! I love the frenetic activity and the thrill the kids get opening their presents. Having homemade gifts to give is a real part of my pleasure and this book would give me so many more choices!!!

  39. 39
    Linda Webster says

    I feel the same way you do – I want to make everything in the book. I love the background design on your blog. Bright, beautiful, happy. Thanks!

  40. 40

    Our traditions will be changing now that we have retired and moved away, and our son is now engaged and will be creating new traditions as he starts his own family. However, we have always had our big Christmas dinner on the 24th with a houseful of friends, and kept the 25th very small with just the three of us spending the day together.

  41. 41
    Jane Modjeski says

    As a child Christmas Eve was a time for snacking then a bowl of chowder and watching as a family a holiday special on TV. Things were relaxed as we had already had a wrap-a-thin earlier in the day where as kids we were very competitive making the niftiest new ribbon design and folding the warping paper new ways and using a two year supply of scotch tape to first seal the box on each edge and then the same with the paper. The unwrapping rule was you could not just rip package open….my sister to the extreme would carefully take off each piece of tape and her paper was In tact…..my brother and I I cocked do this for a ya e one half a present.

    Fast forward….when I first started quilting 30+ years ago I had been a clothing and craft sewer and started making gift bags and larger bags to slip on a box. Wish I had been smarter and started making pillow cases which are a great Twofer , gift wrap and a second gift for your giftee

  42. 42

    Family Christmas dinner (night-time meal) at my parents’ house – we have a traditional English dinner of standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, new potatoes & onions, broiled green bean bundles and my grandmother’s vinegar pie (a variation on chess pie). Big family, big meal!!

  43. 43
    Kiska Stevens says

    Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. My family traditions are in a bit of reinventing themselves as we are welcoming in a new side to the family. My past holiday traditions that I just loved was getting the family together at my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve and spending the whole night chatting, opening presents, eating all our favorite things my grandmother made and having Santa going around the house and peeking in the windows. All the kids knew it was time to go home and go to bed then so Santa could visit.

  44. 44

    I sooo love Christmas, all the fuss and bother. The first thing that came to mind was the Hungarian coffee cake mom used to make (thanks, Betty Crocker). Some people call it “monkey bread” now. Mom made it for Christmas breakfast for as long as I can remember, and I still make one–just for myself. The recipe makes two big Bundt pans-ful, so there is one to keep and one to give away. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

  45. 45
    Margie Mech says

    My sister & I get together to make Christmasd candy every year. It’s tradition!

  46. 46

    I love that during Christmas you make a connection with friends and family that you don’t see often during the year.

  47. 47
    Bobbi Delsing says

    I love all things Christmas . Those Christmas stockings are adorable and would be great to make for the St Joseph ‘s Children’s Home.

  48. 48

    Good afternoon from Missouri – One of my favorite traditions is making Dutch cookies with my cousin. This is my Grandmothers recipe that must be made in my pressure canner pot due to the large quantity of dough. Several wooden spoons have been broken stirring in the flour. Just think – anything that calls for 3 pounds of butter must be good! The rolls of cookie dough are then distributed to family and friends so they can have fresh baked cookies when they choose.
    Thanks so much for the give-aways.

  49. 49
    Jane Prestidge says

    It is Christmas when we are celebrating Christ’s birth and the more family that gather then all the better!!!! (Making a gingerbread house was something I did every year but haven’t gotten to do that for years.)

  50. 50
    Margaret Schindler says

    One Christmas tradition that I plan on keeping this year is I make cookies for all the kids and grand children. Our Christmas Traditions are changing this year as my husband passed away last Dec so things will be different this year.

  51. 51

    Our family tradition was my parents would make a beautiful nativity set and set up a tree. When we came over we all got to cherish the time the nativity, tree and outside lit for my kids and us to enjoy. We all went to Christmas eve mass and we spent the night. It was always hard to kids to settle down as they were so excited. In the early hours my dad would turn on the radio for Christmas music loud enough that we would wake up. The excitement was to film the kids as they walked into the room with all the presents under the tree. This was always an enjoyable time for the kids to give their presents to their grandparents and to see what they got. We all did the cleanup and then ate breakfast together and the kids then spent time playing with the gifts while l helped in preparation for the dinner meal and for other family members to come over. My parents have passed on so we try to continue with some of the traditions, but the memories are always there that they will never forget.

  52. 52

    after making pecan nougat logs, my Mother and I enjoy the Christmas services from church. On Christmas morning, we skype with the grand and great grandchildren–watching them open presents on skype is better than not seeing them at all. Kids live in different cities in opposite side of our great USA so we compromise and let them create their traditions in their own homes. (We get together in the summertime so we have more time together. 🙂 )

  53. 53

    It’s Christmas Eve dinner with everyone around the table! My favorite night of the year!

  54. 54
    Janet Nykiel says

    Love, love, love your Christmas book! Darling! Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. 55
    Linda Glascock says

    Spending Christmas Day with family, sharing and caring! Love the ideas in this book!

  56. 56
    Joan Rodriguez says

    Every Christmas eve all my brothers & sisters, their children and grandchildren meet at my mother’s and we all go to midnight mass together, which has been moved up over the years due to the thick tule fog in our area. Mass is now at 7 pm. Afterwards we eat a late supper and open presents.

  57. 57
    Lisa Marie says

    One favorite is baking LOTS of cookies at Christmas and delivering them to friends, family and neighbors. And when our son was little there would always be a Christmas morning treasure hunt with notes from Santa. My husband’s family used to do this when he was young and he wanted to continue the tradition with our son. I also have a non-Christmas holiday favorite — a big family fourth of July picnic! I’m getting excited for that, and it will be here soon!

  58. 58
    diane wall says

    I am CRAZY about snowmen; love the stockings! Freshly different.

  59. 59

    We open gifts in the late morning, then have a nice dinner and visit. When the little ones are starting to get ansty, we do our Santa Bag. The Santa Bag is a large bag that hangs on our front door for the holiday season. It slowly fills up with small gifts, similar to stocking stuffers, for everyone. Opening these little gifts is usually more fun for the adults than the bigger items, and the little ones get excited all over again!

  60. 60

    Not allowed to get up before 8 a.m. to open presents! Also when I was a child we were allowed to open one present Christmas eve, our mothers choice and it was either pj’s or slippers! But all still fun

  61. 61

    I love having all my family home for Christmas – on Christmas eve we go the the midnight service at our church then everyone comes back here for mulled wine and mince pies !

  62. 62
    Annette S says

    I love making cookies and Christmas gifts for all my family and friends.

  63. 63
    Leiann Heid says

    We are starting a new tradition this year! We are getting together the Saturday after Thanksgiving with our 2 daughters, son in law and 2 grandsons to decorate our Christmas tree. I’m going to have a pot of chicken and dumplings for us to eat while decorating – using my grandmother’s recipe. We did this when my girls were little with my mom and dad. They have passed on and my oldest daughter wants to start the tradition again with our grandsons! Even though they will be 2 and 1, I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas through their eyes! I also need to make new stockings for my mantle. Those snowmen stockings are cute!!

  64. 64

    I love Christmas and Christmas projects. And I love making Christmas gifts and giving them away, I mostly like giving them to people who don’t expect any gifts. A lovely book with darling ideas.

  65. 65
    Liz Johnson says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is music, music, music. The Christmas CD’s come out on Thanksgiving night, playing while holiday feast dishes are cleaned up and leftovers packed up. Then, Christmas Eve always includes singing at our church. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

  66. 66
    Susan John says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is midnight mass. The 1st Christmas that I knew my husband (then just my boyfriend for 2 weeks) I asked him to take me to midnight mass. I was not Catholic at the time…. 38 years later, and we still make it a point to attend! The other tradition would be family, always family!

  67. 67

    My favorite Christmas tradition is playing (violin and hand bells) for Christmas Eve services.

  68. 68

    One of my favorite traditions is to have oyster stew on Christmas Eve, either after early service or before late service. Living in the Midwest it was one of the few times my family would splurge and get raw oysters to make this simple soup. Nothing fancy, just a simple family meal.

  69. 69

    My favorite holiday tradition is our annual ornament exchange. I love shopping for a new and unique ornament each year for each of my children and grandchildren.

  70. 70

    Favorite tradition is finishing up all the quilting projects that I should have started in January.

  71. 71
    Gloria B says

    Our favourite tradition at Christmas ?
    For all of us it would be opening our Christmas stockings on Christams morning. Even though he is in his 20;s, my son still looks forward to the silly things + book + satsuma +chocolate coins that we all get.
    And i enjoy filling up the stockings too!

  72. 72
    Barbee Ziemer says

    Christmas Eve has the whole family playing minute to win it games, building gingerbread houses and of course eating every kind of appy you can imagine.

  73. 73

    My favorite holiday tradition is the kids’ stockings hung on the mantle…would look even better with that mantle scarf. Anyway I shop all year long for “things” I think the boys would love to get..yes some are corny, some are practical, some are edible. They have been allowed to open before DH and I get up…we always hear their excitement when they open something they really liked. I hope they pass this tradition on to their kids one day.

  74. 74
    Renee Zinck says

    My favorite Christmas tradition has to do with food! It doesn’t feel like the holidays unless I’ve made, and eaten, fudge and cookies, at least. I love getting together with family and sharing food.

  75. 75

    I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. My favorite tradition on my Dad’s side of the family is we gather together, share a prayer and a home-made meal, and then as the womengirls would begin washing/drying the dishes and cleaning up, we would sing Christmas carols – no instruments – no music. Just our voices harmonizing with each other. It is magical – like having your own choir at home! What a blessing I will always cherish.

  76. 76

    Making cookies and candy with my son.

  77. 77

    We roast a whole little pig!

  78. 78
    Billie Joe says

    Our Christmas traditions: Christmas Eve lunch with my siblings. No gifts unless homemade, jelly, pickles, sewn etc. We alternate at each other’s house (5 of us). This is a carry over from when we all met at my parents while they were living. Christmas Day brunch with my son, daughter-in-love, my 3 grand daughters, their hubbies, & my 3 great grands. I take my quilty gifts along with other gifts. I’m so blessed. God is good

  79. 79

    One of my family’s fun traditions is to put out a Christmas jigsaw puzzle after school is out for the holiday (can’t have any studying distractions during semester exams!). We work on it a bit each day as our schedules allow until it is finished!

  80. 80

    Those stockings are the favorite thing I’ve seen pictured, so far! My favorite Christmas tradition, as a child, was waking my parents. My sister and I would wait until 7 and then go to their door and sing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Silly, but it’s such a good memory. Thanks for the chance to win the book on your blog.

  81. 81
    Timtirim says

    It is a great book. It is also great to talk about Christmas now in June/July. One of the traditions in our family that we travel to Vienna (Austria, neighbouring country to Hungary where we live) to visit the Christmas market. It has a wounderful atmosphere with wonderful handmade gifts.

  82. 82
    Domaris Foss says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating advent with our granddaughters. At the beginning is Advent I give each child a box with 24 sealed bags each containing a small gift. They open one gift a day until Christmas. They love it and we love doing it for them.

  83. 83
    usairdoll says

    All the projects look awesome! I love Christmas! My favorite tradition is Christmas morning with the kids and family opening gifts, everyone in their pjs and just being together.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  84. 84
    Margaret Parks says

    Best Christmas tradition is setting up the manger and decorating the house. (I do it the same way every year, just feels right.) I LOVE Christmas and all that goes along with it. Mostly its being with family and friends and being in touch with those far away

    [email protected]

  85. 85

    We are a pastor’s family, so Christmas is a working celebration for us (I play piano for the services). We love the worship and the music and the warm alohas we feel in our island church. My favorite tradition is the cookie feast and hot apple cider my husband makes for our congregation!

  86. 86

    Wow, it’s only day two of the hop and I already have three “must makes!”
    Every Christmas since I was a kid my family watched our slate of holiday movies, beginning anytime in December and going to New Years: Miracle on 34th Street (the original), Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and A Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, and It’s a Wonderful Life. My kids have added Elf to this list and my husband added The Santa Clause. DH and I have also added A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott, he was such a mean Scrooge!)

  87. 87

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is that our whole family donates blood on Christmas Eve morning and then we go out to lunch at our favorite dim sum restaurant.

  88. 88

    Ever since my children were small, i have made them Christmas pajamas- now that they are all adults with spouses, they have not let me stop! i have simplified the pjs to flannel sleep pants with patterns to suit each one’s personality. it’s fun to watch their faces to see what theme has been chosen for them. Now with a precious granddaughter, I guess I’ll be busy for a few years yet. i love making other special gifts for family and friends, so this book sure gives me alot of great ideas! Thanks for all these ideas.

  89. 89

    Ever since my children were small, i have made them Christmas pajamas- now that they are all adults with spouses, they have not let me stop! i have simplified the pjs to flannel sleep pants with patterns to suit each one’s personality. it’s fun to watch their faces to see what theme has been chosen for them. Now with a precious granddaughter, I guess I’ll be busy for a few years yet. i love making other special gifts for family and friends, so this book sure gives me alot of great ideas! Thanks for all these ideas.

  90. 90

    My family celebrates at church and then has a family meal.

  91. 91

    Our favorite tradition is making Christmas cookies together. Now that we have grandbabies we include them too. Thanks for the chance to win this great book. I really want to make the mantel scarf.

  92. 92

    One of our favorite traditions is celebrating St Nicholas Day Dec 6. with treats in stockings. Then focusing on the birth of Christ for Christmas.

  93. 93

    Every year for Christmas I make homemade chex mix for our daughters (who all have their own families) but I pick something special to put it in. Jars,boxes baskets etc… I also make homemade carmels that r to die for. I also hand make something last year was table runners in years past it was pillows lap quilt etc… I need new ideas and now would be a great time to start with the help of this book

    Thanks for the chance to enter!!!

  94. 94

    it’s the Christmas…I like to get together with my daughter weeks ahead and plan for the day:the shopping,the food ,the entretaiment….thank you for the generous giveaway…marta

  95. 95

    Wow. The projects you’ve shown are wonderful. I really love the Mantle Scarf and have a very good friend who would love that. She’ll be married soon and it would be a perfect gift.

    The family Christmas tradition in my home started way, way back in 1959. My own parents took the family to a local Christmas tree farm where we would go out in the field and cut our own tree down each year. Then we’d have hot cocoa with the owners. The farm has grown substantially since then and I began taking my own children to this same tree farm when they were born. The same family still owns this tree farm and is now being run by, if I recall, their 5th generation. In recent years since my own children have moved out on their own, we have missed a few years because of my health, but one of my boys move back home with his own family temporarily so I made sure we continued the tradition again. His daughter, my 2nd granddaughter is 2 yrs old now so I really look forward to taking her again this Christmas.

    Thank you for the chance to win both books. And yes! Coffee is very important. I don’t move until I have my coffee.

  96. 96
    Pamela Reim says

    An absolute must is stollen on Christmas morning–Norwegian roots.

  97. 97

    Once a year bake off with my daughter!!

  98. 98

    My family had several traditions that made Christmas wonderful: making cookies and candy and then distributing them to friends and neighbors; hanging the same stockings year after year (I still have my old one, with Merry Ch spelled out in green embroidery thread and ristmas in green crayon or marker… obviously the origin of my good intentions that don’t always get completed timely); gifts appearing under the tree on Christmas morning when there were none just the night before. But one favorite tradition was making fruit salad on Christmas Eve for dinner the next day. Fresh fruit in mid-winter was a real treat. We diced apples, peeled and cut up oranges, and picked the seeds out of grape halves. I remember lots of laughter while my sister and I flicked grape seeds across the kitchen with the point of a paring knife! Seedless grapes eventually made the job easier, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun. Thanks for the chance to recall fond memories and for the chance on winning this great book.

  99. 99

    Isn’t this a great book?! I love it when these folks put their heads together. They really come up with some fun stuff!

  100. 100

    Christmas here in Australia is not so different from yours. Except it is hot, hot, hot! But tradition is still the same – in my family we with start with the prawns/and or crayfish (lobster to my US friends) then we have our roast turkey, baked ham with all the trimmings. Followed by either a hot plum pudding or cold pavlova. As long as the family is all together we are happy. Of course Santa Claus also comes Christmas Eve – btw he comes to Oz before the US…….lol…

  101. 101

    We have a family tradition of making a breakfast casserole on Christmas Eve which sits overnight to be baked Christmas morning while we exchange gifts. The casserole is a unity project which we all work on together.

  102. 102
    Carla Maguire says

    Love love love. Thinking I need this….soon!!!

  103. 103
    Marjory W. says

    This book looks wonderful! One of my favorite family traditions when I was young was finding a silver dollar in the toe of my stocking. We always knew that our grandfather put them in after we were asleep.

  104. 104

    BALLS !!!! No not those balls…………BOURBON BALLS. My grandmother always made the best bourbon balls every holiday season. They mellowed in the Holiday tins for a few weeks before we got to eat them. Now I carry on the tradition and think of her and many relatives no longer with us, but that are lovingly remembered.

  105. 105
    Christi P says

    I can’t even believe we are thinking of Christmas already! I love the family time together at Christmas…so much fun. It is especially fun now that there are babies again! I love so many of the pictures that you posted…I have never seen a mantel runner before! What a good idea. And that polka dot tree skirt…OH MY! I am instantly in love with anything that has polka dots on it! Thank you for sharing.

  106. 106
    Cindy Breene says

    We have many Christmas Traditions, but the one I like best is that the family comes over in their pj’s in the morning. We have a wonderful brunch with my table set with glittering crystal. We open gifts, one at a time! A lot of laughter and fellowship!

  107. 107

    My favorite Christmas tradition: Christmas Eve morning I venture into the kitchen (pretty much foreign territory for me but I do have a passport). Swedish coffee bread to make. Picture lots of flour all over!!It is a long process for me and as yet my girls have not accepted the challenge. Maybe some day. Christmas memories-good times

  108. 108
    Patricia says

    Our Christmas tradition is to set up the Christmas tree and decorate the outside of our home the weekend after Thanksgiving. My grandchildren love to help hang all the ornaments. Then we hang up the Advent Calendar and wait for December 1. When Christmas comes we go to Christmas Eve service and then everyone comes over for a light buffet and can open 1 gift. Thank you for this opportunity

  109. 109
    BJ Marley says

    Our family has the tradition of going to our time share during the holidays. If there is snow, the younger ones ski and snowboard. We hang out, spend time together, do crafts, enjoy the fireplace. Yes, there is activity, but mostly it’s just being together.

  110. 110

    My favorite Christmas memory is when all of us siblings would gather with our families at my parents home and no one could open any presents until we were all there. My Dad would check on us all frequently to make sure we didn’t try to open anything until we were all together. After, my Mom would have a huge meal.

  111. 111
    Debbie Barnes says

    My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve morning breakfast out with the immediate family. Mine isn’t a large family, but it’s the only time we all sit down together to eat during the holidays. My favorite Christmas memory is Christmas Eve gathering with my Mom’s family. After eating, the adults would play poker with all the young kids hanging around or under the table. My Grandfather was known to bite on a poker chip, mistaking it for a cracker!

  112. 112

    Hi,our favorite Christmas tradition is to gather as a family on Christmas Eve and read The Christmas Story from Luke, pray and share one gift ! Christmas morning we open our other gifts from each other and enjoy our coffee+cinnamon rolls!
    Thanks for sharing

  113. 113

    I believe it was when we all trekked up to the Christmas Tree Farm and hunted for hours for the “perfect” tree. Eight children and each one had their own idea of what that would be.

  114. 114

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Since the kids have grown, moved out and have started their own families, it’s just me and the hubby.

  115. 115

    Couple favorite traditions, going to midnight mass and when we got home we were able to open ONE gift, and watching ” A Christmas Story” with kids and grandkids. No matter how many times we see it we always laugh.
    Thanks for the blog and the giveaway.

  116. 116
    Connie Cain says

    Instead of stockings, we use garment boxes. And everyone can open theirs as soon as they get here (don’t have to wait for everyone). 🙂
    [email protected]

  117. 117

    decorating gingerbread houses with my daughters and their children… we have so much fun… then the next weekend we make up mugs for small gifts and for the residents of our local nursing home…

  118. 118

    Christmas Dinner – standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding, green beans, cherry pie – with the whole family.

  119. 119

    Baking holiday cookies and making fudge! Then decorating.

  120. 120
    Tracey M says

    We go to a family owned tree lot and pick out our tree together. We do different themes each year. One year we did a Nightmare before Christmas tree and last year was burlap, red and turquoise theme.

  121. 121

    We gather for Christmas Eve dinner and then Midnight Mass. So peaceful.

  122. 122

    Christmas Eve dinner and then playing dirty Santa with all my husband’s brothers and sister and their families.

  123. 123

    My favorite Christmas memory was singing Silent Night at the Christmas eve candlelight service when my Norwegian grandmother was standing next to me, singing in Norwegian. I knew that the next day we’d be treated to her wonderful Christmas cookies: sandbakkles, fattigmannsbakles and krumkake.

  124. 124

    We open our presents on Christmas Eve. We have snacks and goodies~our dinner is early on Christmas Day. Am so excited about this blog hop. First time at your blog but I will be back. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the goodies.

  125. 125
    Barb Johnson says

    Baking cookies is our favorite Christmas tradition. Eating the cookies is a close second ;->

  126. 126

    I make cookies and read the Christmas story from the Bible.

  127. 127
    Debi Jimenez says

    My favorite Christmas Tradition is one that I don’t get to do at my home completely nowadays but my children have carried on the parts I can’t….you see when my girls were small we would all pile in the car in our pajamas and go to midnight church service where the story of the Birth of Jesus was told with music and and great passion. Then the preacher’s wife would share a very animated version of the Night Before Christmas with the young children. When we returned home the girls were almost sound asleep so off to bed they went with out a whimper. As Dad left Santa’s cookies and milk by the tree, I would hang their stockings on their bedroom door knob. Next morning they will have something to keep them busy til we get coffee.

  128. 128
    Domaris Foss says

    My favorite time was when our children were young we would celebrate Advent. I made a calendar and had a pocket for each child. Each day We would put a gift in the pockets for our children. It was a lot of fun. Now I do something similar with our teenage granddaughters. They look forward to it.

  129. 129
    Domaris Foss says

    My favorite time was when our children were young we would celebrate Advent. I made a calendar and had a pocket for each child. Each day We would put a gift in the pockets for our children. It was a lot of fun. Now I do something similar with our teenage granddaughters. They look forward to it.

  130. 130

    My favorite tradition is lighting the advent candles every Sunday in December and reading the Bible story/singing songs about each advent topic. The kids are mesmerized by the candles and darkness and songs.

  131. 131

    Always loved the scents and aromas of Christmas. Start in the kitchen baking delicious cookies that reminds me of days from childhood.

    The best part is having family together and help in the kitchen with their own favorite recipes to complete Christmas dinner.

    Really the best of all around Christmas is to have your family with you and friends. That and to remember the real reason for Christmas.

  132. 132

    Christmas Eve celebrating with the family and Christmas church service (with a “little” snow on the ground!!!!)……dreamy! Love that book!!!!!!! Pick me!!??!!!!

  133. 133

    I spend Christmas at my sister’s. She has the same rule in her house that we grew up with: NO ONE goes downstairs until the Mommy and Daddy say so! So, one or more of her kids climb into bed with me early in the morning, and we talk about whether any of us heard Santa the night before, and what we think might be under the tree for each family member. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous books1

  134. 134

    Christmas Eve Dinner…Meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy and veggies and pie for dessert. Tradition since before my mom was born.

  135. 135

    We get all the kids together and go out to dinner and a movie if a decent one is playing. Then we come home and open presents.

  136. 136

    Since I married 40 yrs. ago, we’ve put up a chrismon tree on Thanksgiving evening, after clearing the meal. The ornaments are those with Christian symbols, including 80+ that I cross stitched. Sometimes friends join in this ritual, which gets the Advent season off to a meaningful start.

  137. 137
    Jane Modjeski says

    Well I too love the assortment of holiday projects…..it is helpful norther Wisc is unseasonably cold this year so I can get into Christmas mood easily…shoot I love Christmas period. As a child our favorite thing was Christmas Eve and having chowder and 4 zillion midwestie type cheese and crackers, stuffed black olives with spread cheddar, spearhead able Swiss in celery sticks….summer savage slices on square wheat appetizer breads,…the list gies in and a Christmas special on TV usually Andy Williams….thanks for spat king memories and offering a prize booster for this blog hop….what a treat getting two great books would be.
    Jane Modjeski

  138. 138
    Marianne says

    Baking Christmas cookies and then going to pick out the tree, that’s my favorite holiday tradition.

  139. 139
    Debra Kay Neiman says

    One that still happens with the children grown… A Christmas Story with Ralphy – You’ll Shoot Your Eye out kid.

  140. 140
    Jessica Webeck says

    I love waking up Christmas morning with my older sisters asleep in their cars, after getting to our place 5 o’clock in the morning. It’s been happening for since they moved out 10 years ago, when the rest of us were still in school 🙂

  141. 141
    LeAnne L says

    Getting together with my sisters and baking the day away. It’s always so much fun.

  142. 142

    Candle Light service on Christmas Eve is a favorite family tradition. With our candles brightly shining, we sing carols to celebrate our dear Savior’s birth.

  143. 143

    My favorite holiday tradition is hosting all of our family on the weekend before Christmas. We have not been able to have Christmas Day with my entire family for many years, due to other family commitments with cherished in-laws, working nurses, and travelling distance. My family, and some very dear friends, make a point of planning to be at our home on the Saturday or Sunday before Christmas. My Mother is the oldest, and at 92 is still more than healthy enough to make the short trip from her home to ours.

  144. 144

    My favorite tradition is decorating the tree with all the ornaments we have collected through the years. Each one holds a special memory!

  145. 145

    Hello! My favorite family tradition is getting together with all the girls in the family – gathering up all our favorite snacks and watching White Christmas.

  146. 146

    We have several. One of my favorites is putting an apple and orange in the stockings they find Christmas morning.

  147. 147
    Denise F says

    My favorite holiday tradition is to make lots of different cookies and take them to my parents’ house where we celebrate Christmas. My dad, who just passed away in May, loved, loved, loved these cookie trays. To keep him happy year round my mom always put some of the cookies in the freezer so they could pull them out every so often and relive the holiday.

  148. 148

    We take turns opening gifts, one at a time. I like that it stretches the opening of gifts out longer than 5 minutes and we get to see what everyone gets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  149. 149

    Every year for Christmas my husband makes us pancakes topped with real whipped cream and a raspberry compote. Omg delicious!

  150. 150
    Sharon G says

    There are so many traditions, but beyond the religious, my mom always asked if we still believed in Santa, which we did because if you didn’t, you didn’t get anything from Santa. I continued that one with my kids. One I started was to have pancakes & bacon for Christmas Eve supper. There was no time for that kind of breakfast Christmas morn! Thanks for leading me back through memories!

  151. 151

    Love this book, can’t wait to either win a copy for buy it!! My favorite holiday tradition is that I bake for all my employees, my bank staff (as I go daily to the bank to make deposits), the parking attendents at the bank who always leave my car out front 🙂 and now that my son works at a bank, I made trays for them as well. Everyone talks about the cookies all year long…On Christmas day we have dinner with our closest friends at their home, so I bring the plates of cookies and fudge….

  152. 152

    For me, Christmas is the season of sharing freely with those in need. All year, I use holiday* fabrics from my stash to make quilts for Project Linus. When Christmas comes, I remember warming myself all year quilting, and join my quilt guild to celebrate quilts given throughout the year.
    * Not just Christmas, but also every other holiday I can find on my calendar. Between the US and Canada, it’s amazing how many days are on the calendar.

  153. 153

    Our favourite holiday tradition is baking with our grandson who lives 8 hours away. In our last conversation before we hit the road our grandson makes sure we have packed all the ingredients for our special recipes. One would think that we could pick up the ingredients at his local grocery store, but no, that is not the tradition. The first time we did this Christmas baking we were travelling during the evening of Christmas Eve so we had to make sure all ingredients were ready. Our daughter had been unable to purchase a couple of ingredients so it was Grandma to the rescue and thus, the tradition began…Grandma and Grandpa bring what is needed for the baking. Apparently the quality of Grandma’s ingredients are superior. That makes me smile every year.

  154. 154
    Mary Burns says

    Happy you like my worried little Snowmen, Pat! I love Christmastime too!

  155. 155

    What started as a way to get the kids out of the house so I could finish up everything on the 24th has become one of our favorite activities. We go tubing on the 24th, we have a rustic cabin close to town and we play in the snow, have lunch, always hot dogs, chili and ramen with lot of hot chocolate and then about 2 head home for the Christmas Eve dinner and program. It’s become a wonderful day.

  156. 156

    Lots of lovely projects in that book, giving me envy! My favourite tradition is to decorate the house with the kids to get in the mood for Christmas and the celebrations. Thanks for a lovely giveaway

  157. 157

    I think my favorite holiday tradition is probably putting up the Christmas decorations with a big mug of hot chocolate. 🙂

  158. 158

    Making Christmas Candy (pecan rolls and popcorn balls). Looks like a great book. Crossing my fingers.
    Thanks for the chance.

  159. 159

    Christmas Cookies!!

    sad but , true

  160. 160

    Family & church! And we watch “it’s a Wonderful Life”! Watch it every year and eat!

  161. 161

    Christmas decorating is not complete until I hang a wonderful pine smelling wreath on my porch. It has to have a red velvet bow and some pine cones. There’s something about that wreath that finishes off the decorating. Also have to watch Christmas Story with little Ralphie. Love the projects in that new book. Six months to go!

  162. 162

    Our family tradition is Christmas brunch with my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, his mother and Nana. Drinking mimosas, snacking on rye bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions and capers while listening to stories and trying to save room for the Christmas Pudding!

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