Chatty stuff

Dare to exhaust yourself with all the opportunities this day has to offer. – Steve Maraboli

To tell you the truth everyday seems to offer so many opportunities I can hardly count them all. It is 11:40am and I am just now writing the blog I set out to write at 6:30am. Those opportunities keep me on the run!!! I have so many things to blog about but don’t want to put them all in one blog because you would run screaming from the room saying why doesn’t she just zip it and go sew!


First I want to tell you about this. Very exciting blog hop coming up. Guess who one of the guest bloggers will be? This is not a difficult question.  Answer: Moi! My day is Friday. This friday! To say that I am excited to participate is an understatement. I love a good hop, I love me some Martingale, and who does’nt love a good give away? A trifecta of perfectness. So, please come by on Friday to hear my thoughts on Celebrate Christmas one of the newest releases from my friends at Martingale. I got some stuff to chat with you about. Yes I do.

I have been very busy with a book of my own which is in the final stages of completion. Finally I am ready to begin some new pattern releases which will be ready to show you in July.  BJ and I have worked on some great new things! We will just put this in the coming attractions bucket for now.

I also wanted chat about a webinar I tuned into last Thursday night. I have some thoughts on this subject so come on back tomorrow and I will put my thoughts out there from my little corner of the blogging world on the subject of slow stitching. See you tomorrow friends. 


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