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Welcome to the second tutorial for my newest book Handmade Christmas Cheer. This Tuesday we will talk about the show stopping quilt I named Welcome Christmas.” What spells Christmas more than a wreath on the door. Better yet a wreath quilt!!!

I am asked about this quilt so often! I have to tell you that it is surprisingly easy. The background of the quilt is one piece of fabric cut width of fabric x 60 1/2″. I ripped the selvages off (yes I said rip and I talk about that in the book), and left the length approximately 60 1/2″. You can, of course make the quilt longer and wider if you wish, just add additional background fabric to the left and right sides of the width of fabric piece and add length to all pieces for a larger quilt. I am currently doing just that, making a king size quilt for our bedroom. We will come back to this after learning how to make the wreaths and bows.

There are different methods to hexie construction. English Paper Piecing is extremely popular and I describe this technique on page 10. My preferred method is to make a hexagon template with the 1/4″ seam allowance added (template provided in book template pull out section). I like to use a sandpaper board, a .05 pigma pen, and my 1/4″ angle tool.angle marking tool below. There are many types of this tool by different manufacturers so you should easily find it at your local quilt shop. If not here is a link to one on Amazon.  

Using a small ruler draw the seam allowances on the wrong side of the fabric.


OR make a dot where the seams will intersect at 1/4″.

Hexie tool and marks

Once the lines or dots are made we VERY SIMPLY sew the units together along the line or from dot to dot. There are no papers involved in the process and we are done in a hurry. When sewing take a tiny back stitch two or tree times and then make a running stitch and another tiny back stitch. This method makes sewing the intersection of 3 hexies a snap. The fabric is easily manipulated at the corners of the hexies (remember to do the tiny back stitch each time.)  See page. 10 Handmade Christmas Cheer  for step by step directions. Use the book as a suggested placement guide. I used a very small blanket stitch and invisible thread (.004 nylon monofliment by YLI in clear and smoke)  to stitch the wreaths to the background of the quilt.

There are three sizes of wreaths in this quilt. The large and medium have two rounds of hexies. The smallest has one. The diagrams are on page 9.

After I stitched the hexie wreaths I used my glue pen to lightly glue the outside and inside 1/4″ seam allowances all the way around each wreath. Talk about fast!  I finished  gluing and was ready to place the wreaths on my background piece I made at the beginning of our tutorial. You can place these wreaths any way you wish and can certainly use my quilt and the full color photo on page 8 of

Time to put a bow on it! There are three different sizes of bows and the templates for each are in the pull out templates at the back of the book. (love me some full size pull out templates!) I used a mixture of fabrics. I love the differences in texture and luster. I used wool, cotton, and silk. The wool does not have turned under edges (another time saver). The cotton and silk do have the edges turned under and blanket stitched with the same mono-filament thread. You may use any method of applique that is your preference. It is your quilt! 

 My quilt was long arm quilted by Leisa Wiggley to perfection. I used a contrasting green for the binding.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and will bookmark it for future use. Next week we talk about the front cover stockings. “By the Chimney with Care”. What can I say? WELL! I have much to say about these beauties…and a surprise too. Leave me some comments. I love to hear from you. 

Handmade Christmas Cheer


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    Thank you for sharing your techniques for hexies. I have only done EPP, but I am going to try it your way next time. I love your quilt with the different sized wreaths.

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