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Blessings are everywhere. Take time to enjoy them. Daily Dose

Joyfully blogging and sewing with much to share. Let me show you what is going on in my sewing life. 

THE SPLENDID SAMPLER! If you are a quilter and haven’t heard about or are considering jumping in to get started with the sampler let me help you out. It is MOST DEFINATELY  want to be a part of this group. Get started and join over 17,000 other quilters on facebook and The Splendid Sampler web site. Use my links to get you there..Hold on before you go. I want to show you how neat my fabric is that I am using on my blocks.

Reds from deep red to pinks with a shirting or small print as a background. I may use some tan as well. I love that when people post their fabrics they fold them all neat and pretty. Here are mine friends. I hope you will welcome me back to blog land and know that I will alwasy be……..


Fabrics for Sampler

Cheers! Pat


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    Susan John says

    Joined The Splendid Sampler on the 12th of February! Amazing and fun designs….. Saw a post where you were going to go pick out your fabrics…..and they are terrific…. Having so much fun.

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    Love that you are a designer in this my friend! I have been doing mine with stash and keeping up.

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