Just Spendid

When you do things from your soul, 

you feel a river moving in you, a joy. -Rumi

Hello Splendids!

  Today is my day to celebrate with you the half way milestone of our journey together. Your visit to my little corner of cyberspace gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and get to know you too! Family   I am a wife to Andy (the Earl de Schlep as he is know among quilters), Mother to two amazing young women, Emily married to Russ (my Son in Love) and parents to my grands! Twin boys who will turn 2 next week, and Jane who will be 10 months old tomorrow. My youngest daughter Mary Beth and soon to be Son in Love Louis make us a family. We are in full-blown wedding plans around here, and enjoying every minute. These are the most important parts of my life.

As for our Spledid journey, my journey has been derailed because of new designs and patterns coming soon and a very busy family life.  I have appointed my self the official Caboose of the group. I will cheer for those who are chugging along with their blocks and celebrate our progress. I am just beginning. Yes there I said it..I have many blocks cut and ready to sew…but that is IT! My name is Pat, I am one of the designers and am just getting on the Splendid sewing train and not ashamed to admit it! WHEWW that made me feel so much better. 

My quilting universe revolves around my company Silver Thimble QuiltCo. Everything about quilting is joyful to me and I hope you will join me by following my blog. Aside from working on catching up with all the splendid quilters and the blocks, I am also working on somenew designs for my company.  I am a Martingale author with a new book out Baby Bliss celebrating snuggly babies with my good friend and coauthor Kim Diehl.My books

I am currently celebrating my love of handwork and Christmas through my snoopy_happy_dancebook Handmade Christmas Cheer. I have tutorials on the 25th of each month until December on my blog  Come join the fun.

Put a message on this blog post and leave me some love!  I am giving away 3 pairs of Karen K. Buckley scissors to commentors! I adore these scissors and I hope you will too. I am leaving this blog give away open until June 15th and will announce the big winners on the 16th. 

KKB scissors

xoxoxoxo The Caboose!

PS. Did I mention the babies and family are coming for 2 weeks! I bet I will be all caught up by then! hahahahahaha


  1. 1

    I love the quilt background on your site — so bright and cheerful! Thanks for offering a halfway point giveaway. Have fun with your family when they arrive!

    • 2

      What a wonderful, joyous time for you! Handmade Christmas Cheer is on my Martingale wish list, so thank you for your blog posts on the 25th of the month. Your site is so bright and cheerful! I will be back! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  2. 3
    Teresa Bone says

    Miss seeing with the group, but your blog helps me still fill apart.

    I have a lot of UFO’s from my time of coming each month years ago. That ‘A’ word scares me!

    Miss you, Pat!



  3. 4

    I love the nick name the Caboose. I didn’t start my Splendid Sampler blocks until April so I am also a bit behind. Its not a competition but I am enjoying the challenge of each block and the stories from the different designers. It has been fun for me to see what the different designers are up to and has given me ideas as to what new books and designs I would like to follow up on. With a wedding and Grandchildren coming up I don’t think you will get any sewing done at all.

  4. 5
    Cathy Calloway says

    Every journey has its own pace, right? I’m mostly caught up but finally decided not to stress over getting the blocks done before the next one is released. I’ll probably enjoy the 2nd half even more!

  5. 6

    Your blog is so cheerful, it makes me want to pull out all my bright fabrics and start a garden quilt.

  6. 7

    I think you make very cute birds in your art.
    Thank you for participating in the Splendid Sampler

  7. 8

    Good to hear that you are happy and busy as always! Enjoy chasing the grandkids around 🙂

  8. 9
    Suzanne Groover says

    All true…Pat is the busiest person I know even when the stark realities of life slow her down! She is truly talented and a great friend. Every one loves her! Check it all out.. Website is awesome.. Like her??

  9. 10
    Suzanne Groover says

    All true…Pat is the busiest person I know even when the stark realities of life slow her down! She is truly talented and a great friend. Every one loves her! Check it all out.. Website is awesome.. Like her??

  10. 11

    Your site is wonderful and so welcoming, Enjoy the time with your family. Thank you for the give away

  11. 12

    Hi! I’m a splenderette from VA. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  12. 13

    I might be riding the caboose right there with you, Pat! haha School is about to get started back up and between writing lesson plans and meetings, I am sure that there will be weeks that I will lack any motivation to sew! Knowing that I am in good company (those other people who are also “behind” in blocks) reminds me that it is okay. I am not competing with others. The goal is to improve my skills by quilting more frequently than I have in years past. I think having joined 3 quilt along groups at the same time has really given me that opportunity! LOL

  13. 14
    Michele Cais says

    Your work and talent is truely amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to try out a new kind of scizzors.

  14. 15

    Caboose, you say? I’m still sitting at the station waiting to hook up. I’ve collected all the blocks and will one day make this lovely quilt.

    Love your blog. Enjoy the visit with your grands.

  15. 16
    Chris Green says

    Can’t wait to see your blocks!!

  16. 17

    Love your blog and your sense of joy!!

  17. 18
    Nicole Rodgers says

    Busy lives can be hectic, but yours is full of love, so it’s all good 😉 PS: I’m totally stealing the “Earl of Schlep” line…LOVE IT!!!

  18. 19

    Thnx for designing for Splendid Sampler. I am a new quilter and have learned tons of techniques so far. I’m very curious to see what techniques the next 50 blocks will bring.

  19. 20

    I’m with you, family make the world beautiful, patchwork makes it even better

  20. 21

    Love those scissors. Enjoy your family!!

  21. 22

    Three cheers for all the cabooses! You sound so busy! Thanks to all the designers, having a ball with this project.

  22. 23
    Diane Oakes says

    I can’t claim to be a caboose as I haven’t started yet. There is still plenty of time. Your blog is cute. Thanks.

  23. 24

    I am in the Caboose with you. I am collecting the blocks, but have yet to set a stitch. Actually, I’m not even sure I’m on the train yet. Congrats on your wonderful family. I love your term “son-in-love”! I hope someday I’ll feel that way about my children’s spouses! A couple more years before I get to those additions to my family.

  24. 25

    Thank you for being part of the wonderful Splendid sampler and for the chance to win. Im so enjoying getting to know new quilt artist and designers.

  25. 26

    I’m collecting the patterns for future also. Am working on another project at the present time. Enjoy your family.

  26. 27
    Gina Sexauer says

    Have enjoyed the ride. Can’t wait to glide down the hill

  27. 28

    Love your priorities, Pat. Quilting will always be there but family time goes so quickly…

  28. 29

    No worries no hurry. Just plugging along. Glad that you are enjoying your family and life as it should be.

  29. 30

    Love your website – it’s so bright and cheery. And I think there are a bunch of cabooses on this train- myself included!

  30. 31
    DebrafromMD says

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who is behind on the sampler. I need to stay home and catch up, but there is more traveling in my future and probably won’t happen anytime soon.

  31. 32

    Love your blog. thanks for taking the time to be one of the designers on this great journey. I can’t believe we are at the half way point already. It has been a fun journey and the knowledge of learning different techniques will last a lifetime.

  32. 33
    vera schmidt says

    congratulations you’ve started. i still have to start. i know what its like to be busy with grandkids and they are a joy but interfere with quilting

  33. 34

    Well, it’s all Your fault! When I took your class in Asheville, way back when, you told us all about the Splendid Sampler journey, and how much fun it was going to be. You were right, it has been a blast and I so look forward to seeing your block on December 15….Thanks for being a fun teacher and coming all the way to the mountains!

  34. 35
    Loretta Clinton says

    Hi Pat, I am having so much fun on this Splendid journey! Can’t wait to see your block, will it be Christmas themed? Have fun with the grandkids and your daughters wedding!

  35. 36

    So much fun meeting all the designers this week on their blogs

  36. 37

    No shame in being behind with Splendid Sampler blocks. Life happens when we are making plans and I believe the important things always rise to the top. The rest we can catch up to when we want to have some fun…like making Splendid Sampler blocks. My journey was just interrupted with a week long 50th anniversary with all 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren coming and going in our home…phew! We survived and loved every minute of it being surprised at the end by our bachelor son proposing to his girlfriend…that was truly SPLENDID! I digress, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed browsing your colorful website and blog. Thanks for the giveaway also! Happy sewing when you just want to have FUN!

  37. 38


  38. 39

    Love the Splendid Sampler, have them all done…hoo-ray
    and thanks to you for telling your class in Asheville about it. I am hooked. Looking forward to your block in December

  39. 40

    Thanks for letting us know about your family. And I love your book Knockout Neutrals

  40. 41

    Thanks for letting us know about your family. And I love your book Knockout Neutrals. Oh, and of course I am behind in my blocks.

  41. 42
    Roberta in D says

    Being a grandmother is the joy of my life, right up there with quilting!

  42. 43

    I I have loved making things for Christmas since I was 6 years old!

  43. 44
    Anne Hilgers says

    I am not any further ahead on my blocks – I have quite a few cut out but not put together. I thought I was the only one behind until I started to read all of the blogs for the 50th. Now I do not feel so bad. Good to hear about your family.

  44. 45
    Robin McGuire says

    So glad I found your blog through the Splendid Sampler! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. 46
    Lori Smanski says

    have fun getting prepared for the wedding. good luck/congrats on the books.

  46. 47
    April Olive says

    Oh don’t feel bad about not having the blocks done, I have only 6 completed! I do have them all saved on my computer and printed out in a file with the material but that’s it. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I just love your background on this site!

  47. 48

    Just made sure I was signed up for blog updates so I can be part of your fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. 49
    Jeannie Vander Wal says

    I am enjoying the Splendid Sampler journey! Nice to visit your blog ??

  49. 51

    Hey, somebody has to be the caboose! Family should come first, although it’s also important to do things to restore your soul.

  50. 52
    Kristie Michalowski says

    Okay…so the giveaway is open until June 15…2017? LOL
    Love the “meet” me pics and miss you!!

  51. 53
    Lori Baker says

    I’m behind on the Splendid Sampler too. I will get it done eventually 🙂

  52. 54

    I love your blog. Sounds like you have a very busy and fulfilling life. Bless you! I too am behind on my blocks, but sometimes life gets in the way. This has been a fun journey. Thank you for the giveaway.

  53. 55

    Thanks for sharing your family news. It was great to meet you and your family. I’m loving the Splendid Sampler blocks and even though I am a little behind, I am having fun making them when I can.

  54. 56
    Pat Olivier says

    Family is the most important element of our life. Enjoy your wedding plans and don’t stress the small stuff. When the wedding is over and the family is gone you will have lots of time to recharge your soul by making tiny little pieces of art that we call blocks.

  55. 57

    Pat, such a gorgeous quilty background to your blog. Thanks for introducing yourself and your family. Hope all wedding plans and procedures go “splendidly.” Thanks for an opportunity to win prizes! FUN! I look forward to following your blog.

  56. 58

    Love your site and thanks for the giveaway.

  57. 59

    I wasn’t familiar with your work before the splendid sampler. Your books look interesting so I will definitely check them out.

  58. 60

    I just found you, I have your knock out neutrals, it is full of great patterns and neutrals look amazing anywhere. Going to follow you .

  59. 61
    Sandra Timmons says

    So, your giveaway is opened until June 15, 2017? That’s ok. I am going to try and win those scissors for myself. I really do need a new pair in my quilting life. Thank you for the chance to win and also for being a part of the Top of the Hill Celebration. I have faithfully printed out all of the patterns. To me, it was very important because there are so many talented designers who have take the time to share their creativity with us that you just have to keep printing out these patterns. In due time, you will have a quilt of many designs that will be greatly cherished.

    Sandi Timmons
    [email protected]

  60. 62
    Kathy Bell says

    I enjoy the fact that this is a no pressure undertaking. A wonderful community of people sharing a grand expericence but able to do what they want to when they want to. I plan to finish all 100 blocks but can guarantee you — it won’t be “on time”. With some blocks it takes me a bit to get the inspiration from my fabric collection and I must wait until something speaks to me.

  61. 63
    Suzy Roberts says

    Thank you for sharing your talents with so many quilters! I have loved every moment of this and learned exponentially more than I expected to!

  62. 64
    Sandra Weimer says

    You have made me feel better, not even started! I would love a pair of the scissors.

  63. 65
    Sandra Timmons says

    So, your giveaway is opened until June 15th? That’s ok. I am going to try and win those scissors for myself. I really do need a new pair in my quilting life. Thank you for the chance to win and also for being a part of the Top of the Hill Celebration. I have faithfully printed out all of the patterns. To me, it was very important because there are so many talented designers who have take the time to share their creativity with us that you just have to keep printing out these patterns. In due time, you will have a quilt of many designs that will be greatly cherished.

    Sandi Timmons
    [email protected]

  64. 66
    Cindy in TN says

    Thanks for participating in the Splendid Sampler. I’m having a blast making all the blocks!

  65. 67
    Catherine Remus says

    You are so encouraging! I feel like I keep getting farther and farther behind but now I don’t feel guilty. Quilting is my peace not my living so I must be patient with my progress and revel in the community! Thank you so much!

  66. 68

    I just found out about the Splendid Sampler project and haven’t even cut out fabric to make one block (although I have downloaded all the past blocks) so don’t feel bad there are people who are more behind then you! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! You can never have too many pairs of scissors!

  67. 69

    I like the idea of being the caboose too! I have done about 12 of the blocks and have a few more cut out and ready to go. But I am am enjoying the journey and that is what matters.

  68. 70

    I just said goodbye to my children and grandchildren after a fabulous visit. Crazy times, but filled with love! We had 7 adults, 3 children and 5 (!) grand-dogs in the house!! Enjoy your family! The fabric will still be there later!!

  69. 71

    I’m in full wedding mode too!! Cannot wait to get back to sewing my blocks. Maybe January??

  70. 72
    Connie Lawrence says

    Thanks for being a Splendid Sampler designer. I have been involved since the beginning and am loving. Best wishes for your time with your family.

  71. 73
    Mary Wright says

    I love the flowered border. It is beautiful!

  72. 74
    Jena Moffitt says

    I like the way you turn a phrase in your blog. I just have to steal that “son in love” title. Thank you for that, and your participation in the Splendid Sampler too.

  73. 75
    marina genovesi says

    Ciao, ho fatto solo 17 blocchi per ora ma finirò, prima o poi! Grazie per il giveway!

  74. 76
    Wanda Rains says

    Love your story. Happy wedding to you and your daughter. Twin boys wow now that’s busy and their baby sister, you will have a delightfully busy couple of weeks. Thank you for the give away.

  75. 77

    Every train needs a caboose and a cheering section! You have a lot on your plate, but thanks for taking the time to design a block for this wonderful project!

  76. 78
    Jo Olinger says

    I love all this Splendid Sampler adventure has shown me. New websites, new designers, and beautiful blocks each different by the creator!

  77. 79

    I can certainly relate. I have not been able to start yet because I am in the process of making 4 quilts with deadlines — all for grandchildren. But I have been collecting all the patterns and am looking forward to starting them when these 4 are done and gifted. All 4 are related to the universities they attend. Two will be graduation gifts. If I do this for other grandchildren, I need to start during their freshman year!!

  78. 80

    Congratulations on all the love going on at your house! I am behind … like really behind on my blocks but loving the journey. My only excuse is I am glacially slow at seeing. Haha. Have fun with those babies!

  79. 82
    Christy Miller says

    Hey Pat, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND DID I SAY, LOVE…Is that enough love? Your brilliant, and a busy woman. Just keep your priorities straight. Enjoy the family, take care of your business, and then relax and quilt. You’ve got this.

  80. 83
    Holly Nielson says

    I enjoyed reading more about you and look forward to following your blog. Life sounds full of hope and happiness for you right now. Enjoy your family and wedding planning. That is what life is about! 🙂 I also appreciate the opportunity for a chance to win your giveaway. 🙂

  81. 84

    Lovin’ all the Splendid blocks – bet yours, when it arrives, will be just as splendid. I’m not keeping up either so knowing you are the “caboose” makes me feel like I’m in good company.

  82. 85

    I love your fist neutrals book Pat! I will have to check it the others!

  83. 86

    Enhorabuena por tener esa maravillosa familia. Estoy encantada con este splendid fabuloso.

  84. 87
    Angelia L. says

    You have a beautiful family! I share your love of handwork, Christmas and family! I also love your background!

  85. 88

    It sounds like you have a very busy and wonderful like. Thanks for taking part in the Splendid Sampler.

  86. 89

    It’s interesting how priorities change when you become a Grandma. I now have seven. The nearly 5 year old likes to pull a chair up next to me and ‘sew’ with Grandma.

  87. 90

    Hi nice to meet you I haven’t got all of the blocks done either but I am enjoying being a part of this group. I love the blocks and seeing how everyone else is sewing them. I also love handiwork especially embroidery.

  88. 91
    Patricia Ludwiczak says

    Every train needs a caboose, and the encourage to keep chugging along. I enjoy your blog -thanks for the beautiful designs!

  89. 92
    patricia ludwiczak says

    Every train needs a caboose and the encouragement to keep chugging along. I enjoy your blog – thanks for the beautiful designs!

  90. 93

    You know I love you more than my luggage! Currently on the design wall — a Queen sized White Chocolate in a barn raising layout. Pictures to follow in a week or so.

  91. 94
    Gloria S. says

    I also have twin grand babies – a boy and a girl, 18 months old – I so enjoy my time with them and their 3 1/2 year old brother! I’m a bit behind on my blocks, but will catch up this winter. I love the background on your site – it really inspires me!

  92. 95

    Family is so fun but takes so much time! That is why I too am behind on the blocks ( plus working on UFO’s) Can’t wait to get back to the blocks… thanks to you and all the designers!

  93. 96
    Marsha Jean says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cheerful look of your blog…makes it a happy place to visit!

  94. 97
    Miss Jean says

    There seems to be a common thread throughout the quilting industry – Fabric, Family and Fun!

  95. 98
    Cindy BERG says

    I am enjoying this journey and am also behind. Life just seems to get in the way. I have no problem with going at my own pace.

  96. 99
    Jeanann Montney says

    Karen Kay Buckley will be the speaker at my guild’s autumn get-together. I’m taking 3 of her classes, and hope to gain appliqueing skills.

  97. 100

    What a sweet family…cant wait for grand babies-have to wait for my only son to get married first though, lol! Wow, someday I’ll have a daughter-in-love! What a great description!

  98. 101

    Wow, you are having a busy summer! I have gotten to the point that “what gets done, gets done, and the rest will still be there when I get around to them.”

  99. 102

    Your post is cheerful and uplifting – something I sorely needed today. Best wishes with all the fun things going on in your life !

  100. 103
    Toni Arnold says

    Loves: faith, family, friends. Enjoy the wedding & don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff in the long fun!

  101. 104
    Carol Hemmingsen says

    I’m so stealing “Son in Love” from you! My daughter’s second husband (ok the starter marriage just didn’t work out after they produced 2 beautiful grand girls for me) second hubby is super to the 2 girls and their 2 year old son Parker who I had the privilege of watching for his first 2 years! Loving this Splendid Sampler – never thought I would do something like this but I am hooked! Love the size, different techniques and designs. Thank you for yours!

  102. 105
    Evelyn Wonner says

    I could always use another pair of scissors, who couldn’t? Love all that the designers have given us.

  103. 106

    Oh, how I love to hear that you have not started the Splendid Sampler blocks, yet!! I just finished Block #1 yesterday!! It makes me feel so much better to know that I’m not the only one. Loved visiting your site today and will definitely be back.
    Thanks for a chance to win those amazing scissors – I have been drooling over them for a while. 😉

  104. 107
    Tamara Williams says

    I’m definitely on the caboose end of this and falling behind! So many great SAL’s this year & BOM. And just life! Chugging along!

  105. 108
    Nyla-Jean says

    Twins are WONDERFUL! Mine are almost 16. Enjoy every minute (as if you need to be told).

  106. 109
    Rita Schultz says

    What a very special family you have. Cherish them deeply and enjoy them for time goes by so quickly.

  107. 110
    Joyce Carter says

    Have fun with your family!
    I have been doing my blocks when I can and I haven’t gotten too far behind. All of them have been so cute. I usually wait and do about ten of them at a time. It seems easier that way instead of doing them as they come out. Thank you for your giveaway.

  108. 111
    Annie M.Perry says

    Every train needs a caboose! I love it! I often wonder how you folks remain creative with all that you do! Thank you for that! Each one of you make quilting absolutely fun and additive with your patterns, hints and fabric! Enjoy your day:)?

  109. 112
    Annie M.Perry says

    Every train needs a caboose! I love it! I often wonder how you folks remain creative with all that you do! Thank you for that! Each one of you make quilting absolutely fun and additive with your patterns, hints and fabric! Enjoy your day:)?

  110. 113

    What a great blog….have fun with your family.

  111. 114

    Love your blog…have fun with the family 🙂

  112. 115

    You most certainly have a full and rich life. It’s actually so full (and may I say I’m smiling!) that you said this giveaway will last until June 15. Pretty sure you meant August!! Hahaha!! I do this all the time — get ahead of myself on dates! Thanks for the opportunity and happy wedding!

  113. 116

    I love your site and your projects. I am having a lot of fun doing these blocks!

  114. 117
    Kathy LeBlanc says

    your blog is so great. I have signed up to receive your emails.

  115. 118
    Sherry Walley says

    Hi! I’m a splenderette from Florida. I just signed up for your monthly newsletter and blog post.

  116. 119
    Corinne Lake says

    Hi Pat, I love that you are a fabulous multi-tasker! That, believe it or not , inspires and energizes me! Thank you for sharing your loving family. I hope all goes well in your world and all events to come will be a blessing to your heart.
    Splendid Sampler Stitcher,
    Corinne Lake

  117. 120
    Nancy Daly says

    Loving the Splendid adventure! It is a joyful journey!

  118. 121
    Pati Cook says

    Another “Pat” here, but put an “i” on the end to make Pati. I am doing the blocks as I can, along with other BOMs and such. Trying to get myself back in the groove of working on quilts daily, and having fun with all of it.
    Thank you. Love the border/background on your site, so have signed up for your blog and newsletter.
    Thank you.

  119. 122

    Looks like there will be multiple cabooses, including me. I love your garden quilt. The colors really speak to me. Happy wedding.

  120. 123

    I’m pretty sure you’re not the only caboose! We’ll all catch up eventually. Hope you find some time to relax amid all the craziness.

  121. 124
    Vickie Mone says

    Hi – cherish your grandchildren – I have 4 of them – 3 boys and 1 girl ranging in ages from 12 to 7 – babysit most of them every day – makes for quite a busy time. Believe it or not but I have completed all 50 blocks and some bonus projects. My granddaughter – age 7 – has taken interest in sewing since she has seen this splendid journey we are creating. Loving every minute of my life enjoying grandchildren and quilting – what more can a person ask for – can’t wait to see your block – Take care.

  122. 125
    Peri Hansen says

    I love your site… it’s energizes me. so fun. it is always nice to get to know people on a personal level, thanks for sharing! I have 3 daughters and 3 grandsons! I hardly know what to do with boys… they eat so much! but they are not as whiny- haha. I quilt whenever i have time, but since the splendid sampler came out, i have left everything else and am obsessed with these little blocks! I am looking forward to December 15th, when your block comes out. I have a feeling I’ll love it.

  123. 126
    Peri Hansen says

    thanks for designing for the Splendid Sampler

  124. 127
    Patty Galbraith says

    Hi Pat. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I love your work.

  125. 128
    Heather K says

    I am loving the Splendid journey and amazingly am all caught up. I will have to check out your new book, it looks fun. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  126. 129

    We have twin grands who will be 9 in two weeks! They are a delight and, along with the other grands, keep us busy! Thanks for the giveaway and best wishes on the upcoming wedding!

  127. 130
    Cathy Radcliffe says

    I am sure many of us will be joining you as the caboose!

  128. 131

    This journey has been so amazing. I am taking a no stress no pressure approach so that i can enjoy it even more. There are so many other things in my life that need attention also. Yes it makes our lives even fuller for all of our jewels, my family & friends.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  129. 132
    Carol Kuse says

    I love the chance to win these scissors. I keep looking at them and wanting to try them.

  130. 133

    I just signed up so i’m wayyyyyyy behind lol. I hope to get at least a few done, but first i have to pick which one to do first 🙂

  131. 134
    Sharon WYNNE says

    This has been a Splendid Journey so far & I’m so pleased that you are part of it too ?
    I’m loving using my stash of purples and whites. Up to block 46 & using a long weekend in Thornlands QLD to catch up ?

  132. 135
    Nikki Moshier says

    Your post made me chuckle. I am signing up….chuckles are good. I am behind also but will play major catch up in the next few weeks. Family visits are behind me.

  133. 136

    I like your term, ‘derailed’. I didn’t start until August, so have lots of blocks to make. This summer, doesn’t really feel like quilting time. I’d rather think of it, as this project is due in 2017, and so I have lots of time to figure out how many and what I’ll do with all those blocks.

  134. 137

    I just purchased my first of her scissors. I love it! I also love your cherry description of your family and sons in “Love”. What a great way to bring them into the fold. It does get busy when the family grows isn’t it wonderful. Thank you for being a designer. This is so much fun and educational too!

  135. 138
    Karen Rochette says

    I’m on the caboose with you. I’ve gotten 6 blocks done (8 if you count my 2 duds that I did over…half way to a doll quilt on those). I will catch up. Family is important. Sewing Easter dresses and now leotards for granddaughters and birthday gifts in between has kept me busy…oh, and the day job. It will settle a bit soon (I hope). A fun side note, I grew up with twin brothers that were 18 months older than me. My mother was glad I was a girl as she thought another boy would forever be in the shadow of the twins.

  136. 139

    Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  137. 140
    Sandra Duncan says

    Better late than never is my moto. Working on another project so I have been collecting blocks. Will start someday.

  138. 141
    Shirley Hayes says

    My grandson just got married so I know a little about what you are going through, Happy times!

  139. 142
    JulieG-AZ says

    Enjoy the planning and the wedding event itself! It’s no wonder you are the ‘caboose’! Thank you for your blog and your Splendid design. 🙂

  140. 143

    I love your patterns – especially Glory Garden and Sew Happy. They are so sweet! And I would love to win the scissors.

  141. 144

    I know the pleasures of family commitments! I have 3 grown sons, two are married with children. My first grandson is 3 1/2 years old, my second is almost 3 months old. Our 3rd is expected in September. I have tried to keep up with the SS blocks, bu many times family fun keeps me away. I am up to 49, but many times I have done several at a time to catch up.

  142. 145

    Family always come first- congrats on the upcoming wedding- you’ll get to those blocks when things finally slow down !!!

  143. 146
    Patrice Wiesner says

    Hi Pat, you just made me feel better! I am only collecting patterns so far! I look forward to the future blocks! Mysteries make me nervous! I want to see all before I decide what to do! Thanks for being a designer for Splendid Sampler!

  144. 147
    Dawn Zillich says

    Never underestimate the caboose or take it for granted. If everyone tried to be the engine we would never get anywhere. Have fun at the wedding, congrats to your daughter.

  145. 148
    Donna Swiderski says

    Wedding planning AND quilting? Wow! Your hands are full! I love your term…”son in love”. As mom of 3 girls, I can only hope to have 3 I can call that! Can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of the hill!

  146. 149

    I love the look of your new book! Have a n awesome time with your family!

  147. 150
    Laura Robb says

    I am so glad all the designers are sharing the fact they, too, are a little (or a lot!) behind since, let’s face it, life is busy and sometimes our craft has to take second place to things like, I don’t know, a wedding, say. Have a wonderful time and we’ll see you around the next bend!

  148. 151
    Elaine Gagle says

    You are in the midst of such fun busyness yet have time for all of us in the quilting world! Thanks for sharing a bit of your creativity with us!

  149. 152
    Yvonne Ross says

    I am a Slenderette fro Hastings in New Zealand. Loving the chance to get to know other quilters and learn new techniques. I would love a chance to win a new set of scissors. Thanks

  150. 153

    I’ll be riding in the caboose with you. Family time is the best so enjoy these days and y can quilt when they’ve gone home.

  151. 154
    Kathleen D says

    I hope you have a lot of room in the “Caboose” because, although I’ve been happily collecting the Splendid Sampler blocks, I haven’t started sewing them yet either! I have three birthday quilts in my queue ahead of the Sampler blocks!
    Thank you for offering a giveaway prize in celebration of the first 50 blocks!

  152. 155

    Do you want us to leave you some love? I will in my language then: besos, besos and more besos (a beso is a kiss in Spanish) and Muchas gracias for your work in this wonderful project.
    Hope your daughter and soon to be son in love (love that name) have a wonderful wedding day 🙂

  153. 156

    I’m sure that many of us are behind, but this isn’t a race. Take time to enjoy your family and spoil your grandchildren.

  154. 157
    Char Scott says

    Have fun with your grand babies! Thanks for the giveaway

  155. 158
    Melody Lutz says

    That neutrals book looks enticing! Great post here today, thank you.

  156. 159
    Loretta Lowe says

    I’m so enjoying the Splendid Sampler, love all the blocks.

  157. 160

    I know how it feels to be behind and other things that have to be done. I have made 5 blocks. I have just been given my 8 month old granddaughter. And it is a 24/7 job looking after her. I am going to catch up one day. I might even give it to her.

  158. 161
    Susan clayton says

    Oh my such loveliness! Your colors are so lively. Makes me want to dive into a project.

  159. 162
    Carol Meyer says

    You have a blessed family!
    Thank you for a chance in your giveaway!

  160. 163

    I love all the blocks on your sidebar – particularly the ‘Weeds” . 🙂

  161. 164
    Shannon Miller says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway – I LOVE karen kay buckley scissors and my dog got a hold of my small green ones a couple weeks ago and they aren’t right anymore, but they were the best scissors in the world before that. Thank you for you contributions to the splendid sampler! I am so grateful to be a part of this.

  162. 165
    Daisy Smith says

    Aren’t grandbabies the best?! I love spending time with mine. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely time with your visiting family.

  163. 166
    Ann-Marie Bentley says

    I snip, stitch and create as time allows, so as long as I enjoy the trip the quilt will be whatever it ends up being. I know I will love it and be proud of it

  164. 167

    Can’t wait for all the great tutorials!

  165. 168

    Hi, how very exciting your life is with weddings & babies…you are a blessed caboose! LOL Thanks for sharing your talent with us; I’m very addicted to SS ?

  166. 169
    Sharon Quaintance Treece says

    Love your website, patterns, and books. I have completed 36 blocks so far. Working on an embroidered block right now so that I can do some cutting and piecing blocks for a bit. I am soooo loving this Splendid journey we have all endeavored to take on. So thank you for being a contributor to our journey. <3

  167. 170
    Leiann Heid says

    I’m riding in the caboose with you! The grandsons are spending the weekend with us and we are enjoying every second! Family time is priceless! I miss our monthly sewing with the Thimbles! Good luck with the wedding plans! Love your blog!

  168. 171

    Thanks for celebrating with the Splendid Sampler. Love your joy for family and quilting!

  169. 172
    Debbie rhodes says

    Loving my simple life I have all done!!!

  170. 173
    Cathy M. Arney says

    Looks like you are living the dream!!! Family and quilting!!!! Thanks you for your part in this Splendid journey. I am SEW loving the patterns, sharing of finished projects, the selfless friendly help and advice and a world of new friends!! By the way, your web site looks “sharp”! God bless.

  171. 174

    Ooh, I love Karen Buckley scissors. Hope I win another pair. Looking forward to your block.

  172. 175
    Katie Clark says

    I saw your book “Baby Bliss” at my LQS recently and fell in love. My son is getting married October 7th and we are in full wedding mode here too! When I saw the book of baby items I thought it would be perfect for a Christmas gift for me since I am hoping the grandchildren aren’t far behind !! Thanks for your contributions!!

  173. 176
    Judy Gibbons says

    Caboose here, too! We are also in wedding mode; my youngest son is getting married Dec. 3rd. I have two grands. I’ve been trying to finish half a dozen projects in varying stages! I love this hobby especially all the fabric I get to own!

  174. 177

    I am not in the caboose…..but in the next train…..I guess I have to get a move on…my Grand just left…she is a quilter and crocheter and beader …it is so much fun when she comes….my kids were here before her 10 days…so today was a rest day…tomorrow I get to get back to my studio…..needed a day to clean up after all and then a day of rest!! Thank you for taking the time to design blocks for the Splendid sampler…this is so much fun getting to know all the designers and seeing their specialties .
    Thank you….
    Enjoy your family and the wedding…..there will be time for sewing in between !

  175. 178
    Deb Kienow says

    Enjoy your family and the wedding and actually, I think I am the caboose as all I have done so far is get my fabric choice made and then changed my mind and then changed it back again. We are women after all and isn’t that what we are suppose to do, change our minds. I have managed to download and filed each block pattern as they come out and even printed 18 blocks so far. (Until the hubby got upset with all the paper and ink I was using. ugh!) Love your blog!

  176. 179
    Melissa MacAdam says

    I think with that busy family and work life you’re allowed to be behind. I hope so – I’m not nearly as busy and I’m behind!! 🙂

  177. 180
    Sandra Aiken says

    I love the fact that you have something to do with your family and time for your quilting hobby. I know you are excited about the future grand babies. I have one granddaughter and also a lot of ufo’s. It would be nice to win the scissors. Thank you for offering all the items and I look forward to your book.

  178. 181

    You have a lovely family and great website. Yes family is the very most important.

  179. 182

    Have a wonderful time with your family & grandbabies. Life is so precious and short. Enjoy the wedding to the max. I too am on the caboose end. [Hand surgery.] Thank you for offering a giveaway prize.

  180. 183

    Ha, that’s how I feel, like I’m the caboose, but now in catch up mode – snowy & frosty weather helps (I’m in NZ). Oh, and I think you might mean the prize draw is made on AUGUST 16th, not June 😉 but don’t worry, I really do know THAT feeling!!

  181. 184
    Andrea Hanlon says

    Wow, you are busy, busy, busy! I love the whole caboose thought! Myself, I am the full steam ahead kind of gal. Enjoy the quilt show and the upcoming wedding, but mostly enjoy spending time with the family.

  182. 185
    Sylvia Lyman says

    I love the fact that family comes first for you! I have three children in their teens and twenties, one working and two in college. I have more time to quilt now, so I have only two blocks to complete. What a fun project. Thank you for being a part of it.

  183. 186

    Congrats being SuperWoman!

  184. 187
    Kathy Andrews says

    Love the quote at the top of your page.

  185. 188

    Aren’t grandkids fun! Thanks for the chance to win the scissors, I’ve heard they are great.

  186. 189

    I too love your quilted blog background. I am also a caboose. Trying to get 27 years worth of teaching materials out of my house and storage after retirement has occupied my time and kept me from doing as much quilting as I’d like. I’d love to win those scissors as I never seem to have a pair when I need them.

  187. 190

    Love learning about your family (they really are the important things in life) as well as your creativity. Made gifts mean a lot more to me as the show one really cares to take the time to do that for someone else. Thanks for the opportunity of winning all the items.

  188. 191
    Janie Overcash says

    Life events are great celebrations and a quilt adds to those celebrations. Love your background for this site.. Looking forward to your block.

  189. 192

    I’m all caught up on the blocks right now, but I am going to have to take a break. I need to finish Christmas quilts for my grands. Time is running out. Three are finished, three more to go. I don’t know how far behind I’ll get. Thanks for all you do.

  190. 193
    Kathleen Hames says

    You have a wonderful attitude that is communicated well in your writing. Enjoy your wonderful family and thank you for the give-away opportunity.

  191. 194
    Gaye Smith says

    So glad I’m not the only one who is behind. But what a great journey to be on and with so many other people enjoying the same thing. Thanks for being caboose – I want to be with the engineer and toot the whistle.

  192. 195
    Sandy Uhos says

    I love your patterns and the bright fabrics! Thank you for your generous time and sharing with our Splendid Sampler group!

  193. 196
    Deb FitzGerald says

    You are truly blessed, so much family happiness and still you make time to share your Splendid Sampler block, design, and blog. I adore how you refer to your son-in-love (law) and soon to be son-in-love, it speaks volumes to the warmth of your family. Thank you for sharing on your blog and for the chance to win.

  194. 197

    I have enjoyed collecting all the Splendid Sampler patterns. They will be worked on in a slow manner. Grandchildren take up most of my time now also. Thanks for sharing your talent with us on this venture. Can’t wait for your block in December! Love those scissors too.

  195. 198
    Rochelle Price says

    I hope this giveaway is still open and you accidentally typed June instead of August! I love the Christmas book- I’ve been eyeing it online since I first heard about it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  196. 199

    Nice to meet you and read about your family. Loving the Splendid sampler journey and meeting the talented designers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  197. 200

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  198. 201

    Love making the Splendid blocks, but I get slowed down by the ones that take me more time. Also have been traveling so I am very far behind. Was inspired by Lynette Anderson’s blocks – saw them at a workshop.

  199. 202
    Helen Wilson says

    Hi, I’m new to your website and really enjoy the quotes you’ve chosen. Summing up max feelings in min words appeals to me. The S.S. Designers seem to do that with their blocks also. What wonderful fun!

  200. 203

    I love those special scissors and thanks for offering the giveaways!

  201. 204
    Helen Wilson says

    Hi Pat, I’m new to your website and enjoy the quotes you’ve chosen giving max feeling with min words. It’s rather as S.S. designers have achieved in each of their blocks. What excellent fun. ??

  202. 205

    You have a lovely family! The blocks will wait.

  203. 206
    Kylie Mott says

    Love the Christmas book, I am a Christmas addict as my family will agree ! I don’t have a big enough house for all the handmade decorations I keep making..

  204. 207
    Amy Bishop says

    My husband’s feelings are hurt. Here, he is only known as humble, bolt boy. I think he’d like to be an earl.

  205. 208
    Esther Grimes says

    Your Christmas projects look so cute! I enjoy having handwork ready for a spare moment but I’m not quite ready to jump into the holidays yet. Maybe when school starts…

  206. 209

    My friend accidentally left her KKB scissors at my place…what a shame…I had to give them back. Love your inspiration and fun use of colour Pat.

  207. 210
    Lori Garrison says

    Have fun with your grandbabies!

  208. 211

    Enjoy those babies! You have your priorities in order, and that’s lovely to see. The blocks will be there after the littles go home, when the house suddenly seems so very quiet.

  209. 212
    Audrey Johnson says

    I too am a late starter, I have about 15 done, thanks for joining with us, These blocks are challenging and make a person slow down a think! sending love to you and yours!

  210. 213

    Its not always easy to be up to date on everything in our lives… but that’s ok I have found…. one can never have enough scissors, thanks for the chance to win another pair!

  211. 214
    Margaret Dukes says

    I love the way you describe your family and son-in-laws as son-in-loves. I never heard that before and I really love it!!

  212. 215

    I, too, think the Karen K. Buckley scissors are special. I have one pair that I treasure. Thank you for sharing your Splendid Sampler journey “hiccups”… keeping up with family should always trump keeping up with stitching.

  213. 216
    Vickie Ezell says

    Your books are fabulous! I can’t wait to see your block in December and I’d love to win a pair of scissors.

  214. 217
    Arlene Froelich says

    I am a caboose with you as I have not started any of the blocks yet, I just recently decided on my fabric and now have it in my sewing room. I need to finish the five quilts I am working on before starting a new one.

  215. 218
    Nan Downey says

    I love this challenge. I have finished 45 of the 50 blocks. Enjoy your family!

  216. 219

    Love, love, love the one pair i have. Would really enjoy this as a prize.

  217. 220
    Carrie P. says

    Oh, I am behind on my blocks too. “life” is happening with me also. Thanks for a chance to win a pair of scissors. I own several of Karen Kay Buckley’s products.

  218. 221
    Margie V. says

    Your book sounds interesting- enjoy your family and especially the grandkids as they grow up so fast!

  219. 222
    Debra White says

    I love your colorful patterns, so happy looking!

  220. 223
    Michelle M says

    So nice to meet you Pat! Your family sounds lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  221. 224

    Hello Pat! I, too, have not begun my blocks but have all the patterns nicely collected in a binder with page protectors, ready to go. Thank you for your most generous giveaway!

  222. 225
    Patti Straub says

    Yes, life does get in the way of our sewing time, but we sew because of our life’s . Otherwise, where would we get ideas from, who would we sew for? Isn’t life great! Enjoy your family and friends and have a Splendid life! I am enjoying everyone’s blocks and ideas and friendship. This is a great group of people!

  223. 226

    I love your work.

  224. 227

    Nice to meet you, Pat. I’m looking forward to those 25th-of-the-month tutorials!

  225. 228

    Thanks for being our caboose! I feel we’re in good hands 🙂

  226. 229

    your web site is so cheery it brightens my day. I’ve been looking at you Christmas handmade, thanks for the things you are doing for splendid family

  227. 230
    Bette Mclennan says

    I love the look of your website. Thanks for being part of this Splendid Sampler program!

  228. 231
    Debra Ingle says

    Pat, Thanks for sharing about yourself and your family, warms my heart how you put your family most important. love your site really a warm cheery place! I too am a caboose in the Splendid Sampler, but is okay, things happen, I am moving along as I can and enjoying the blocks, learning a lot from them, a lot of things I have never done, like paper piecing, dresden plates and hexagons, I have never done any of these. Scissors are another thing I feel I can never have to many of, My husband calls me his ‘Gadget Girl’ cause I want so many gadgets hehehe. Thank you for the give-a-way, would love to win a pair. Have a blessed day

  229. 232

    Love your quilt blocks. Signed up for everything.

  230. 233
    Jane Tyler Mullenix says

    Yes I love all things sewing/stitching/quilting and I collect Thimbles. My husband gave me a silver thimble when we became engaged in 1976 with my initials engraved on it. I wear it in a thimble cage to all Quilty Events!
    I love your business name needless to say!

  231. 234
    Janet Ward says

    Well You started out talking about the half way point of the Splendid Sampler, so I thought I was on the right path… First let me say a huge thank you for your block and for your part in this wonderful group. It is Designers like you that help to achieve large wonderful projects and goals! And I am grateful. I want to Also lea e muy comment for the chance for the acudirá, but that may be over, as it states ajume 15th! Thats why I thought I was on wrong Post!! May e a typo ton! If so I Hope This Tello You to look… Again thank You!! Another Indico If the Splenderettes!!?

  232. 235
    Bobbi France says

    Such joys in your life enjoy every moment.

  233. 236
    Linda Cejnar says

    My mom used to sing a song about a “little red caboose” and I’ll be in that caboose with you. I’m concentrating on finishing several UFOs this year. So far, I’ve completed one and am working on putting a quilt ruffle as binding on another. After that I have 3 quilts to finish, in some form or another. THEN I will be able to start my Splendid Sampler. I’m happily saving the PDF files (which is so generous) to start next year, and following along with all the fun this year.

  234. 237

    Hi Pat. My name is Laurel. Does the Caboose have room for passengers? I would qualify and would like to join you. 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the Karen Kay Buckley scissors. She has the greatest products!

  235. 238
    Barbara Massey says

    I am really the caboose as I recently jumped on board and have been having fun collecting and printing all the patterns. Love all the bright background colors and designs on this page. Have fun with your grand babies!

  236. 239
    Joyce Jackowski says

    Love your book Spotlight on Neutrals. That will be my next project for self.

  237. 240

    love all the bright colors on your site.

  238. 241
    Anita Jackson says

    Your patterns are so lovely, this is absolutely right in my fashion of quilting. Coming upon your blog has made my day! I am working slowly through the splendid sampler and maybe just a quarter of the way through the blocks. I may do all of them, but I may choose not to do some~

  239. 242
    Sherry Creech says

    Congratulations on the wedding. I will look forward to seeing your blocks.

  240. 243
    Mary Ann Hymel says

    Would love to win the scissors….have been doing hand applique ans these should be great.

  241. 244
    Karen Anderson says

    Oooo oooo I’d love to win a pair of these scissors! Thank you for your generosity.

  242. 245

    Sounds like your growing family and love of quilting give you great joy. You are a lucky woman. I was happy to see your give away as I really need a pair of scissors for the Splendid block work. I do hope you’ll be choosing winners before June ~ ha ha ha
    Love your colorful blog page.

  243. 246

    Trying again…Got a 404 error last time. Love reading about your growing family and love of quilts. Thank you for the opportunity to win scissors – which I really need for the splendid blocks.

  244. 247

    Beautiful family you have, gotta love those grands! I’m having a great time sewing along with everyone- no stress, getting a few done at a time. Thanks for the chance to win and for all you do. Such a great group this is!!

  245. 248
    Stephanie says

    Thanks for the chance to win scissors. I’ve been looking at these recently. Love the look of your blog. Will have to come back and look around some more.

  246. 249

    Sounds like you’re truly enjoying life to it’s fullest! Would love to win some new scissors! 🙂

  247. 250

    This ‘splendid’ journey has been such a great opportunity to ‘meet’ so many new to me designers and check out new bloggers!!

  248. 251

    Love how you have set your priorities. So heartwarming to hear that even from a designer. That is a big part of the quilting process by doing what each individual enjoys and enjoying it without becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. Just starting to learn applique, think it can easily become one of my favorite techniques.

  249. 252

    Your site is so cheerful and colorful–good luck with wedding plans.

  250. 253

    I appreciate you honesty. I was fairly steady in keeping up with the blocks, but this last month I’ve gotten quite a bit behind what with family get togethers this summer and planning for my sister’s twins due in another two months. I do plan to finish and just maybe catch up, but more than likely I won’t have caught up by the time the 100 blocks are out. I’m printing all the patterns and have them in a folder and so ready to take out when I’m ready to work on a block. Lately I seem to do more of the applique blocks because those I can take with me when visiting family and also can take out when resting on the couch.

  251. 254

    Those scissors look like they would be great for cutting out the small pieces for the Splendid blocks. Thanks for being one of the Splendid designers!

  252. 255

    So glad you’ve given yourself permission to be our caboose! You DO have a lot going on in your life, oh my!! I too have a little, he turns 9 mos. tomorrow, and he has two older siblings, so your baby bliss book sounds like something I need to check out! So many projects, so little time…..best wishes to all of you yesterday, today, and forever!!

  253. 256
    Elizcertainlyabeth S. says

    I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one lagging behind! I have to say, a wedding certainly can’t wait on a quilter to get ready for it, right?! Enjoy it with your family, then rejoin us and chug along again. 🙂

    • 257
      Elizabeth S. says

      I don’t know what happened on my previous comment, but somehow the word “certainly” got tangled up in my name! I can re-post if necessary.

  254. 258
    Elizabeth S. says

    I don’t know what happened on my previous comment, but somehow the word “certainly” got tangled up in my name! I’ll re-post.

  255. 259
    Edith Gorzo says

    Thank you for the wonderful draw. I only have 26 Splendid Sampler blocks done, so I am just one quarter done, we can cheer each other on as we get there. LOL

  256. 260
    Brenda Towsley says

    I have fallen behind after staying up with the blocks for about 4 months. Summer came along with gardening and working more hours outside the home. I hope when fall rolls around I will be able to catch back up.

  257. 261

    It is wonderful that you have caught us up with your busy life since the twins were born. Its no wonder we have not heard from you. Having been your student at SHQC and met your beautiful daughters I am delighted things are going well. I would love to win the scissors to use in the caboose.

  258. 262

    As my dear mom in law used to tell me- you’re not running a race! Slow down and enjoy yourself! I have 32 completed blocks, and enjoyed making each one. 🙂

  259. 263

    I’m behind the caboose as I haven’t done anything yet but save the block patterns. I look forward to every Sun. and Thurs. to see the new block and meeting you designers. I thank you all for taking the time to do this. Even though I haven’t started yet, I plan to do the blocks later.

  260. 264

    Everyone needs at least one pair of these fabulous scissors!!!

  261. 265

    Congratulations on the soon to be addition to your family. I also agree with you–grandchildren are wonderful. Enjoy!

  262. 266

    I love the splendid sampler! Dont feel that your alone caboose. Lol. I have only made 2. Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

  263. 267

    What a joyous time in your life! Thank you for sharing your talents and spreading that joy! Your site is so bright and cheerful. I will be back!

  264. 268

    I am another one who knows how it is to be derailed. At least I am in good company. I love good scissors—a necessity for all quilters.

  265. 269
    Laurie Weimar says

    I also was derailed. I made the first block, but sent it to be included in a quilt for someone diagnosed with cancer. I don’t have any made for myself. I would love to win the scissors! Thanks for the opportunity!

  266. 270

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Really like the colorfulness with the blocks on the side of the page. I’m behind on my Splendid Sampler blocks. I’m hand piecing and ready to start on the third one.

  267. 271
    Jayme Lane says

    Great site! I’m glad to find new blogs. :o)

  268. 272
    Terri Thomson says

    I am falling farther behind every day. Soon I will be a caboose with you.

  269. 273

    Such a beautiful family story! Working away at the blocks all though I am behind working on #38 at this point.

  270. 274
    Livia Boggs says

    I Love Love applique! Thank you for sharing your talents with us in the Splendid Sampler!!

  271. 275

    I was also known as the Caboose in my family. We lived near railroad tracks and I was the last child (and only girl) born after my brothers 12 & 9 years before. I still live near tracks that carry close to 100 trains a day!

  272. 276

    It’s fun getting to know you in this post! Enjoy your family when they get here! I know you’ll be all caught up…nothing like a little pressure to get a fire going!!

  273. 277

    I love your cheery attitude 🙂 My sewing goes by the wayside when new little ones arrive too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  274. 278

    Life does get in the way sometimes, but the projects can wait. Family and memories are important too. Thank you sharing!

  275. 279

    I love your vibrant colors and cheerful, happy blocks! Thank you for bringing your joy and talent to the Splendid Sampler.

  276. 280

    Family is always first!!! You may be the caboose but I think I’m the train derailed in the train cemetery. I’ll get to the station one day!!

  277. 281

    You can have a life and family, or you can have perfection and stay current with everything. It is nearly impossible to have both. Family comes first in my life.
    What I do is make the current block, and if my life & health permits, I make one or two of the ealier


  278. 282

    I am trailing along with you at the end of the line with only seven block truly completed. I know how wedding plans can derail the best intentions, but they take presidence over quilting blocks. You will always have time to catch up but weddings are one of a time happenings! Enjoy the planning!

  279. 283

    I have heard these scissors are fabulous. Grandkids are great and there is something special about twins. I have twin 5 year olds-boy and girl as well as an 11 year old grandson. Life would really be missing something if we didn’t have them to enjoy.

  280. 284

    I would love to be there to play with those grandkids and snuggle with that baby and the twins and read stories to all of them. Second best would be winning those scissors. I’ve heard so much about them and never had the chance to try them.

  281. 285
    Janice Hill says

    I too will be coming in at the end. I have only three done but love to see all the blocks that others have done

  282. 286

    I am way behind also. I got behind making baby stuff for my grandbaby that was born the end of March. Since I am not working now, I hope to try and catch up. or at least get close. Thanks for the giveaway!

  283. 287
    Beth ByersSmall says

    Pat, your introduction shares how blessed you are. I could read a big smile in your written words. I can only imagine how fun your home will be with the gang there for 2 weeks. Good luck with all that you have going on.

  284. 288
    Sara Lindsay says

    So nice to meet you, Pat Wys! I am loving the SS and this is a fantastic give away! I would love to have some Karen K Buckley scissors!!!

  285. 289
    Sharon davis says

    I so enjoy being a part of this Splendid journey. Being a part of this effort is such a pleasure and an endless learning opportunity.

  286. 290

    Glad I found your blog, and glad to hear I’m not the only one behind. Those scissors have been on my wish list – thanks for the chance!

  287. 291
    Allison CB says

    I am falling behind – went on vacation and now I have lots of catching up to do with my blocks!! Thanks for the chance – those scissors are lovely!!!

  288. 292
    Barbara Olm says

    I started out great and kept up for awhile but then life, wedding, grandkids for the summer and such got in the way. Now that school is starting, I hope I can get back to work on my Splendid Sampler. It has been such a joy to learn new techniques.

  289. 293
    Barbara Olm says

    I started out great, keeping up but then life, grandkids, a daughter’s wedding, and now a new grandbaby on the way has kept me busy. Now that school is starting for the grandkids, i hope to get back to sewing and getting back to splendid sampler.

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