The Designer


In getting to know me you would have to know the most important parts of my family. I have the best husband and soul mate of 37 years. Together we have raised two incredible and beautiful daughters. They ARE the centers of my universe. Their support, encouragement and unconditional love are the greatest gifts of my life. It is because of them that I enjoy everything else life has offered me.

I entered college as a studio art major and graduated with a major in Education and a minor in Art. I have been a career first grade teacher, teaching public school kindergarten and first grade for 20 years. I loved teaching school and the progression from public school education to teaching in quilting classrooms and guilds has been a natural process for me. I am now and will always be a TEACHER and I am proud of that title!

I took my first quilting class in 1980 while raising a family and teaching young children; quilting was always the center of my artistic interests and what a magnificent obsession it has proven to be! I learned to quilt in a time that we pieced our quilts by hand, quilted by hand and spent hours drafting out templates on file folders and cardboard! I learned to use a thimble as a novice quilter and have a Silver Thimble that I wear in a beautiful thimble cage. My dear friend Suzanne gave me the idea to name my new company after the thimble I so proudly wear! What could be more perfect than that?

I believe that a person is truly blessed when they have a passion and work that calls to them, challenges them to be better, changes and grows with everyday. QUILTING IS JUST THAT FOR ME. I have seen and felt first hand the healing, comforting, and joyous power of quilting in many peoples lives and I believe that getting involved in a hobby that becomes a passion and even the daily work you choose to do is the BEST gift we can give ourselves. I am grateful to be a link in the chain of quilters from our past and the quilt industry of the future. Won’t it be fun to see what the world of quilting will bring us in the future?


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