Jingle Bell Stitch Along

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!  unknown

Come join my Jingle Bell stitch along which begins today and will continue on the 25th of each month through November. I will be showing and talking about techniques which are found in the projects throughout my book, Handmade Christmas Cheer, use this link if you wish to get the book. I will sign and deliver it to you. (not in person). I will not talk so much about the construction of the projects, you can use the book for that. Attention will be focused on techniques and inside tips for these and other projects you may wish to work on. Let’s get started.


Crayon tinting has been around for decades. I remember my Grandmother had some embroidered tea towels that were crayon tinted. I love the work of Meg Hawkey/Crabapple Hill Studios and her artistry using this technique. It’s east, cheap and works up quickly. Here are two projects in my book that use color tinting for embroidery. 

Jolly Holly editedSm. Tree Skirt

Long Winters Nap 201-96_B1313_3rds.inddSheet


Box of Crayons (I still love a new box of crayons..I’m childish like that!) A sharpener is a good idea too.

Templates for the design you wish to embroider.

Pencil or .05 Pigma Pen (I like the cinnamon brown color)

Embroidery needles or Milliners Needles

Fabric for stitching your project. Tip: cut the fabric slightly larger (about an inch all the way around) to allow for the fabric to draw up a bin while stitching.

A light source. I love me some light box. I recently got an led pad..Holey Moley you can see it glow from the surface of the moon!

Optional: Woven fusible inner facing. I like the brand from Staple Sewing Arts. Watch my website I will be adding this to my favorite products in the next few days. This is ironed on the backside of your embroidery. It adds an element of stability and also helps hide stray thread ends. 

Floss I used Cosmo variegated  green #CSV8024, two strands. This can also be purchased from Crabapple Hill studios. I used a lot too! For the remainder of the embroidery I used 2 strands of whatever floss I had in my stash red, yellow, blue green and gray for the sockets. 

Color Tinting

1. If you choose to use a woven fusible inner facing iron the glue/shinny side to the backside of the embroidery fabric. 

2. Using a light source, trace your embroidery motifs on to the front of the embroidery fabric.

Tinting Collage 1-4

3. Color the areas to be color tinted with a very heavy coat of white crayon be careful to stay inside the lines of the bulbs and sockets. Coloring in a white heavy coat will fill in the tiny holes from the woven fabric you are embroidering. Then color with your colored crayons over the white making areas of darker color and lighter color to give a softer blended, shadowy and highlighted appearance. SPECIAL NOTE: When I made the Jolly Holly small table tree skirt I decided to NOT color the base of the designs in white. I went straight to the green and colored that very heavily. This gave me a bolder look for my holly. I really liked it too!

After all areas have been colored, take pieceTinting Collage 3s of clean paper towels and place it over each motif. Press with a hot iron. Then move the paper towel to a clean spot on the towel and press again. Do this several times (you would be surprised at how fast this goes) until no more color is showing on the towel. Your project is heat set!


4. Embroider away! I will talk in depth about Embroidery  next month. If you are familiar with embroidery I like to use a stem stitch (see diagram). The smaller the stitches the better your project will look.

5. Complete your project according to directions in the pattern. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section of this post I will answer so that the whole group can see! Let me hear from you anyway. LOVE ME SOME COMMENTS.

See you on August 25.  





That was the day she promised herself to live more from intention and less from habit.

A. Rubin

I am turning a new page in my personal, professional and life in general. This includes blogging and all forms of social media. I used to love my blog, facebook and Instagram (I have a Twitter account which remains tweetless), I loved sharing the many twists and turns of life with cyber friends. It became a conflict in my cyber life that I could never share projects that I was working on. I always felt a self imposed pressure to hide my sewing and make my cyber stuff such a business thing! I don’t know when that happened but it did.  I am done with that. I want to write and share  all things I enjoy. If, in the process of sharing  new designs someone decides to duplicate my work (that is nice talk for getting knocked off, copied, etc.) then SO BE IT. It is probably going to happen anyway (and has)! 

Vicki's quilt 1

As for my personal life changes. I am slowing down a bit and not over scheduling myself. My eldest daughter has 3 precious children and I want to be present in their lives. My youngest daughter recently got engaged and we are in full wedding planning mode. OH LAWDY!!!  We are all so excited to have a new Son in Love! Get ready for some sharing on that front. My husband is still working but is slowing that down a bit. So we get more time together as well. It’s all gooood.

2015-09-19 18.23.12

I am still loving travel and teaching at guilds and shops. This works out because we can schedule ahead and make plans. The husband, AKA Earl de Schlep travels with me.  My love of teaching and being in the classroom began with teaching children and now teaching quilting! I am sooo blessed. The title TEACHER is a title I most adore. (after wife, mother and Grandy).


So here I am. Loving my life, family, sewing, designing, reading, cooking and people! Come join me. Leave me a comment now and again. That sure does keep a blogger motivated to share and write.On Friday I have an announcement about a special event on the 25th of each month..hmm may have something to do with a Holiday..

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Baby Bliss

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Congrats

I drew the numbers from the Random Number Generator this morning. Forgot how to transfer the proof to my blog. (Lawdy I am rusty). You will have to trust me on this one. Her are the Five Winners. Kim is signing Book Plates for me to stick in your books so I will delay mailing them until I receive the book plates from Kimmy Poo. I will keep in touch to let you know they have shipped by putting a reply to your entry on this blog post.

Winners…come on down!!!!

#28 Julie B.

#26 Debbie F.

#14 Sue K.

#15 Kristie McK

#12 Susan

Congratulations to our winners. I will be back with new blogs and all kinds of goodies.



Baby Bliss = Joy Rising!

This post is dedicated to Kim Diehl

1 Universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and I had the privilege of meeting YOU. 

It’s time to celebrate my newest book on my blog. The blog that has been quiet for some time now. I hope you will join me and celebrate this book that has so much meaning for me. The biggest of course is the joint celebration and writing of the book. Kim and I became Grandmothers together. As if that wasn’t spectacular enough Martingale is publishing our collaboration of projects in one fantastic book! This book and the fun we had together has given me a friend for life… Miz Diehl, I will remain forever grateful.

Baby Cover

Our book is fun and packed  full of projects for ANYONE who wants to make a special gift for baby. The opportunities for gift giving and nursery decorating are endless. Plus Kim and I get to show off our GRANDS!

 I will keep this post short because after all  it IS a give a way and that is the gift from me to those of you reading my post.

PicMonkey Collage

Give a way rules. Put a comment on THIS POST. I will count the comments on Wednesday, June 29th and post the winners on Thursday June 30th 10 am EST.  So what am I giving away? In honor of Kim’s Grands Miss Norah and Miss Ruby and my Grands Master Owen, Walker and Miss Jane I will give away 5 books! I will sign the books and forge Kim’s signature but don’t tell her. I am in Atalanta and she is in Idaho, the books are in this office.

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  I would love it if you would follow my blog. I have been away for a while and want to renew my blog and share my sewing world, cooking, travel and other zany twists and turns that living a blessed life brings. Come join me.

What a wonderful LIFE!

Blessings are everywhere. Take time to enjoy them. Daily Dose

Joyfully blogging and sewing with much to share. Let me show you what is going on in my sewing life. 

THE SPLENDID SAMPLER! If you are a quilter and haven’t heard about or are considering jumping in to get started with the sampler let me help you out. It is MOST DEFINATELY  want to be a part of this group. Get started and join over 17,000 other quilters on facebook and The Splendid Sampler web site. Use my links to get you there..Hold on before you go. I want to show you how neat my fabric is that I am using on my blocks.

Reds from deep red to pinks with a shirting or small print as a background. I may use some tan as well. I love that when people post their fabrics they fold them all neat and pretty. Here are mine friends. I hope you will welcome me back to blog land and know that I will alwasy be……..


Fabrics for Sampler

Cheers! Pat