Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is. -Vince Lombardi

We have two winners for the Country Threads book review give away, but first a message from our sponsor.

I told you I would share a very special time in my quilt life. The time I/we spent with Connie and Mary here in Georgia. They were invited to speak at our guild The Gwinnett Quilt Guild here in the burbs of Atlanta. My sewing group had a dinner partay in their honor. It was in my home and all the ladies OUT DID them selves with fabulous southern cookin.(move over Paula Deen!). I’m tellin you this was one love fest. We had been stalking, admiring their patterns and kits and goodies for years and had done a trade for Chicken Blocks with their Chicken Gumbo pattern. Connie and Mary packed up the entire Country Threads store in Iowa and sent it to us and boy did we shop, and shop and shop. These ladies are like rock stars for us so to have them all to ourselves was extra special. We took them away and went on a sewing retreat for a couple of days and enjoyed all they had to teach us and tell us. We learned about goats and stuff too!

I was going to show you some photos of the above events but they are on another computer and I cannot access that stuff right now. (note to self…get photos off the old computer!). So we will be photo deprived and you will have to be sad that I cannot to the files at this moment. I sorry. Watta disappointment, watta failure to blog, watta mess. Ok I’ll stop and quit beating myself up. 

I did want to tell you about this.

These ladies have been sending out their newspaper the The Goat Gazette for I don’t know how many years. Decades I’m sure.  It is filled with talk of quilts, book reviews, the latest on the farm, the rescuing of animals, recipes, stories of their families and big events in their families and farm life. REMIND YOU OF SOMETHIN? Yes, that is what we all do with our blogs and Facebook and Pinterest etc. etc. etc. Connie and Mary have been communicating with their friends and followers through the Goat Gazette before any of us even thought about a blog. Imagine that!!!  A REAL NEWSPAPER that comes in the mail and everything. Social media before it was KOOOOL, and they are still doing it. Where they find time for all this I’ll never know. Mary is probably out rescuing a dog and driving it to a new home in Yukon territory right now and Connie is sewing and designing and running a store, while petting her dog Lucy. I swear these ladies are my heros! When I read the Gazette I always get the feeling that these two women know something I don’t know. It makes me want to kiss a goat or move to the country or live in a barn or something like that. There is a peaceful quiet life that they know about and I wanna know. (I’m listening to the traffic reports on the TV right now! I think I’ll just stay home and sew today.)

I hope you have enjoyed my little corner of their book. As for me, I will add their book to the others and continue stalking, admiring these amazing quilters. (Note to Connie and Mary, don’t you EVEN think about retirement!)
So on with the winners.

The first winner is #29…Pat from Minnesota whos blog is pansypat… (she said she has been to Country Threads in Iowa.) I’m not jealous or anything nope…no siree…

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The second winner is #6.. Faye from North Carolina…Carolina Stitcher! Hey maybe I will meet Faye when I’m traveling to North Carolina! Love your blog Faye!
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If both winners will contact me privately with your snail mail addresses,  I’ll shoot your New Book “Back to Charm School” and The Goat Gazette off to you right away. LUCKY YOU!