Life loves to be taken by the lapel and be told:
“I am with you kid.Let’s go.”
-Maya Angelou

Reading vs Sewing such a problem. If I’m reading (at least during the day) I feel guilty cuz, well… duh sewing is my job! If I’m sewing I’m thinking about squeezing in some reading time…which also includes squeezing in blog reading time all 4 zillion of them on my Google Reader.

Some people are out there trying to solve huge problems in the world…me…I’m trying to figure out how to get more sewing and reading time in. Maybe I should put it this way. Quite possibly the people who are trying to solve the worlds problems should sew a little more or just read a dadgum good book and some dadgum great blogs. What do you think? Maybe there should be a reading and sewing summit. I’ll volunteer to head it up and we will play a side splitting game of Left, Right, Center you can count on it! POOF BEGONE…. NO MORE WORLD PROBLEMS.

Reading this book now. It is this months pick from Mary Carol in our book club. She always picks great books and has great snacks. We were pregnant together with two of our children. You know what I mean..right? Our husbands play golf together. We have known each other a long time and raised our kids together too. I better go read this book don’t want to make her mad at me.

I get to choose the book in two months so I’m going to pick this one but I’ll read it first…I don’t want any of those book club people on my back…I have standards ya know.

As long as I am rambling about reading (on a mostly quilting blog) I have a question. Is reading a hobby similar to quilting which is a hobby (for some people for others it is a job)?? I don’t think of reading as a hobby…it is part of life…just as easy as breathing or just something you do… something really natural like that. I’m really rambling here…I think I’ll go read, or sew, now I can’t decide. Sorry to bore you with my reading vs sewing diatribe.