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Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;

they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
Marcel Proust


Happy DAY OF LOVE! and the one year anniversary of the launch of THE SPLENDID SAMPLER. Today we celebrate a wonderful year of designs, sewing, instruction and most of all fellowship Hip Hip HOOORAY. Our fearless leaders have created a GROUND BREAKING movement in the quilt world and that is the truth! To give thanks for all they have done seems like a small thing but gratitude and thanks are especially heartfelt today. I personally will always have the highest respect and appreciation to them for creating this journey for US. As a designer it has been an honor for sure!!!!

In celebration of our journey Pat and Jane have a wonderful chance at a Splendid giveaway on the website. If you would like to join in on that chance follow the link and directions for entering. Check out the Facebook page as well you should have no trouble finding everyone. Don’t forget to leave a message that is the best part of our journey, reading what everyone has to say and have done!

I certainly don’t want to be left out of this giveaway party. NO NO NO! Because the title of my block is Love is the Answer I want to show my love to you by choosing 3 winners.

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They will each win 1 of my books. Winners may choose from these book selections. Here are dah rulz..(there are always rules right?)

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1. Leave a comment on THIS blog post below and tell me what you enjoyed the most about our Splendid Sampler journey.  

 2. I will leave the giveaway open until midnight EST Tuesday, February 21 (one week).

3. I will announce the three winners on Wednesday. February 22. (after I wake up and drink coffee). 

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Jingle Bell posts

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and

wake up with a purpose. -unknown

Well it is apparent that my post last month was  derailed. I seem to find myself in family and other obligations getting derailed on a regular basis. The truth is my husband and I have both had some medical issues which are fine now but we both got knocked down in July and are finally get are wings straped on again. We have also had grandchildren here and I was with them for a week in Savannah, during the time of my planned last post. My grandson had some minor eye duct surgery and then about a week or so later they were evacutated from Savannah because of hurricane Matthew. Holey Cow it has been super crazy around here. 3 babies under two years old is a hurricane in itself…OF THE BEST KIND I MIGHT ADD!  All of this brings me to my blog and getting the time at the computer to write.

I looked at the site traffic and made a decision to ask you if you are interested in the 25th of the month tutorials and topic..Handwork and other projects  related to Christmas. Send me a comment either on this blog or via email through my website and I will let you know if I see enough interest to continue on. I have tons of other stuff I want to share in my quilty life and and beyond.

Let me know how you feel…Your comments are most beneficial. I will check and get back to you ASAP..Here is a project I am still working on..lots to say about this!


Oh the wool. How I love thee!

Jingle Bell August 25!

We sometimes underestimate the value of little things.

Charles W. Chesnutt


I am so glad and grateful to be sitting here writing this post. If I told you the details of my last 6 weeks you would be bored to tears and shocked that I am even writing this blog, We have had a run of major health issues and other stuff, all is very well and I am anxious to get this Christmas tutorial going! As promised last month we will talk about embroidery today. Christmas is coming can you hear those bells? Let’s sew. Embroidery, for me, equals relaxation, peace, kind of return to the womb thing! Here we go let’s break it down.


Embroidery is not limited to specific fabrics, cotton, linen, batiste,wool, textured, hand dyed you name it you can stitch on it. In my book Handmade Christmas Cheer I used a bed sheet, wool, tea towels, pre-made linen napkins and cottons. The sky is the limit! If I know I am going to embroider a fabric I generally will prewash the fabric (not wool). I cut my fabric 1″ larger on all sides which is just a precaution against the fabric shrinking in as I stitch.

In most cases, I like to use a very fine WOVEN fusible inner facing on the backside of my fabric. It adds a tiny bit of body to the piece and can help to hide any errant threads. The product that I like the most is by Staple Sewing Aids. I like this product because it is so very light and it comes in 45″ wide sections so I can use it on large embroidery projects. Not expensive either. Simply press to the wrong side of your fabric and you are good to go. I will be adding this product on to the shopping section of my website in the next few days (if the sky stops falling)


I use a light box. If you do a lot of embroidery I would recommend upgrading to an LED light pad. You can see the light on the surface of the moon. It is the 25th of August time to write Santa a wish list..right? They have them in most big craft stores and here. They also come in different sizes and brands mine is by Artograph. After I have prepped my fabric I fold the piece in half vertically and press, then I fold it horizontally and press again. This will give me the exact center of my fabric. I will mark the center with a small stitched X or with a pen that washes out or disappears with the heat of an iron. In my book the centers of the motifs are marked with a red + . I trace my designs with different pens, I most commonly use a .o5 pigma pen. I like the light brown color. Sometimes I will use a FriXion pen which disappear with the heat of ironing, a blue Clover marker which disappears with water, and a White Clover marker that works great on dark fabrics and disappears with an iron. Whichever choice you make your line should be very thin. This is true especially if you know you will be embroidering with 1 strand of thread.Transfer-Eze-Transfer-Paper-30-8-1-2-x-11

If you will be embroidering on a dark fabric and are unable use your light box, you may need to use a water-soluble product for tracing the motifs by hand or print from a computer. I use Transfer Eze. There are others on the market that work fine in this category. Follow manufacturers directions for tracing and ironing to the front of your work. Stitch, Dunk finished product in water and…Voilá all gone!


To open this topic is like jumping down a rabbit hole! There are so many wonderful threads out there I could write a whole blog post on just this subject. For the purpose of getting us ready for Christmas I will stick to the basics of what I used for my book. Today is embroidery day so I will keep it simple. More on the subject in a later Jingle Bell post.

For the most part, I use floss when I embroider. Aurifil, DMC, Cosmo, are a few of the top choices for me. I would say, in ALMOST EVERY CASE my choices are determined by COLOR. I mix brands all the time but I find the best color for what I am stitching. It is as simple as that! Here is an example. In my Long Winters Nap sheet header I had a very long very detailed pine bough to stitch. I knew I wanted to use a variegated thread. I went straight to COSMO Seasons Thread. The colors/shades change in ssheet Close 3horter increments so I knew I would get lots of changes in the greens. It was perfect! I used DMC and Aurfil for some of the colors in the typography and lights. Number of strands? Most of the time I will use 1 or 2 strands. There are cases when I will use all 3-6 strands but that is primarily in the case of embellishing or highlighting in  special stitches and projects.01-96_B1313_3rds.indd

Several projects in my book I used metallic threads I used Kreinik, DMC, Cosmo, Anchor and others, again the choice was made by color. These threads have a mind of their own! You MUST work with very small sections of thread or you will lose your mind. Ask me how I know this. I also find stab stitching from top to underside and back up works best too. One stitch at a time. Metallic threads add so much to the look of a project especially for holiday projects. Don’t be afraid..jump in there.

2014-06-29 09.53.04







To use a hoop or not is purely a matter of choice. There are people who love a hoop and there are a zillion different hoops on the market. Then there are those who do not use a hoop at all. I fall in the no hoop category with exceptions. The times I reach for my hoop are when I am working with metallic threads or when I know I will be stab stitching, meaning not stitching from the top. I like to use it when making French or Colonial knots as well. I like to say the fabric and the design talks to me and tells me when to get out the hoop. 


We love our toys for sewing right? Come on you can admit it I won’t tell anyone! Here are a few more to add to the above mentioned.

I love the Clover Embroidery Threader! I think I have one in every room of the house and in my purse! It is so great for embroidery floss, wool threads and specialty threads. A must have in my opinion.Embroidery Tools Collage

In the needle category I like Richard Hemming Chenille and Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles. I probably use chenille needles the most #18 #20 and #24 (smallest). Nice sharp points and easily threaded.










Scissors. I love my Karen K Buckley scissors but I don’t cut metallic thread or anything sticky with them. They are micro serrated and can get ruined.

Organization! I like to keep my sewing and threads organized. My floss is wound on cards and stored by color not by number I do mark the number as a future reference.


Whew! I thought I would never get here. As I said above, for the purpose of this blog we are covering just basic embroidery stitches. More later when we take our stitching up a notch or 10! 

Don’t limit yourself to ONE stitch type..learn and use others you will surprise yourself how much fun it is! Don’t let anyone tell you THAT YOU MUST…DO THIS OR THAT. no no no. Your project… your learning…. and your fun. Use the technics that work best for you.  

For the most part I don’t knot my thread when I begin stitching I use a waste knot or I hold the end of the thread and catch the end in the first inch or sew inwaste-knot-6 my sewing thus weaving the thread into the back of the piece. As I end a piece of thread, I weave the end back through the stitches on the back side making it very secure. Cut the end of the thread very close to the stitches. See waste knot diagram.     There are very detailed stitch instructions in Handmade Christmas Cheer. 

Start with two basic stitches. The easiest and most basic stitch is the Back Stitch. practice making small even stitches and you will be fine. This stitch gives a nice result very quickly. Backstitch

In most cases, I love to use a Stem Stitch. It takes a tiny bit of practice but brings the most 3343486623_57f86a698c_obeautiful results. Honestly it is not that hard.

French Knots areillustration-1 lovely as are colonia knots They have different looks and can be used to create different looks.



?   French Knot                    Colonial Knot ?Colonialknot

Long and Short stitches are great for filling in areas of your projects too. Beautiful when you mix shades and colors too!


Here are some of the embroidery projects in my book Handmade Christmas Cheer. Enjoy

Jolly Holly editedLong Winters Nap 2Twinkle Twinkle editedFiggy01-96_B1313_3rds.inddMats

I know this blog post is long but you waited a whole month for it! I hope you found it helpful! Next post glorious wool and embellishing. OH WOW! as my grandsons say. See you on my blog and for sure on September 25th.

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Photos courtesy of Google Images. I am NOT a graphic artist.




Just Spendid

When you do things from your soul, 

you feel a river moving in you, a joy. -Rumi

Hello Splendids!

  Today is my day to celebrate with you the half way milestone of our journey together. Your visit to my little corner of cyberspace gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and get to know you too! Family   I am a wife to Andy (the Earl de Schlep as he is know among quilters), Mother to two amazing young women, Emily married to Russ (my Son in Love) and parents to my grands! Twin boys who will turn 2 next week, and Jane who will be 10 months old tomorrow. My youngest daughter Mary Beth and soon to be Son in Love Louis make us a family. We are in full-blown wedding plans around here, and enjoying every minute. These are the most important parts of my life.

As for our Spledid journey, my journey has been derailed because of new designs and patterns coming soon and a very busy family life.  I have appointed my self the official Caboose of the group. I will cheer for those who are chugging along with their blocks and celebrate our progress. I am just beginning. Yes there I said it..I have many blocks cut and ready to sew…but that is IT! My name is Pat, I am one of the designers and am just getting on the Splendid sewing train and not ashamed to admit it! WHEWW that made me feel so much better. 

My quilting universe revolves around my company Silver Thimble QuiltCo. Everything about quilting is joyful to me and I hope you will join me by following my blog. Aside from working on catching up with all the splendid quilters and the blocks, I am also working on somenew designs for my company.  I am a Martingale author with a new book out Baby Bliss celebrating snuggly babies with my good friend and coauthor Kim Diehl.My books

I am currently celebrating my love of handwork and Christmas through my snoopy_happy_dancebook Handmade Christmas Cheer. I have tutorials on the 25th of each month until December on my blog  Come join the fun.

Put a message on this blog post and leave me some love!  I am giving away 3 pairs of Karen K. Buckley scissors to commentors! I adore these scissors and I hope you will too. I am leaving this blog give away open until June 15th and will announce the big winners on the 16th. 

KKB scissors

xoxoxoxo The Caboose!

PS. Did I mention the babies and family are coming for 2 weeks! I bet I will be all caught up by then! hahahahahaha