Winner Week #5 Martingale Monday

The road to success is always under construction.-unknown
We have a winner!
Thursday morning and ya’ll (insert Paula Deen accent) know what that means. I have drawn another winner. 

Donna S. from Indiana! Contact me privately and I’ll be sending you those prizes real soon! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

As you all can see I’m making progress in my ability to get the #$%^&*( number generator thingy to show up on the blog. sheesh.  As God is my wittness I will figure this out! (insert Scarlett O’Hara accent).

True Random Number Generator 43 

We leave for market  3 WEEKS! from today (insert screaming with southern is a unique). I’m fine with that. Nothing much to do. I think I’ll read a book and eat some Bon Bons today.
This photo pretty much sums it up. If you come to see me, bring a fire extinguisher..and cheetos.
More Martingale Monday goodies and some photos from the weekend book signings. (if anyone shows up!).